Wednesday, July 23, 2014

52 Lists // Thirty

Difficult to write a list like this without sounding too big-headed... However, I am taking it as an opportunity to think about the things that matter to me about myself so as to go forward prioritising those qualities and making the mark I would like to leave or at least what I think I am leaving.


List #30 in the 52 Lists project, hosted by Emma.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

52 Lists // Twenty-nine

The word "favourite" is something I really associate with my childhood. I have countless notebooks filled with lists of my "favourite" things, updated monthly, yearly, whenever I wanted to record a change (or lack of) in my life. Almost like my taking stock posts, I suppose. Anyway, what this association has meant for this list is that I've reverted back to naming books that I probably mentioned on some of these lists from however many years ago, such as "Kensuke's Kingdom" and "Noughts and Crosses". I think this was partly inspired by Jess' post on books which changed her. I think "Noughts and Crosses" is definitely a book that falls into that category - all about equality and love - or at least something that reflects themes that feature strongly in my life these days. Ultimately, my favourite books aren't necessarily ones I have read many times over, rather those that I could turn to at any point and read over and over and extract the same personal meaning and movement as the first time.

What are your favourite books, why and how long ago did you read them?


This is List #29 in the 52 Lists project, hosted by Emma.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking Stock #10

Sun setting over Richmond

T A K I N G // S T O C K

Making :: words that weren't good enough to win Bananagrams...ahhh!

Cooking :: little, eating out more
Drinking :: champagne, Pimms, squash & lemonade/Fanta combinations
Reading :: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins and "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell
Wanting :: the holiday to arrive quickly but then go by reallllyyyyyyyy slooooowwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy
Looking :: for somewhere to live
Playing :: Bananagrams, Balderdash, Articulate
Deciding :: to worry less...
Wishing :: for the same thing as always
Enjoying :: time
Waiting :: for medical things to sort themselves out
Liking :: SUMMER
Wondering :: if the next couple of months are going to go as quickly as I am dreading 
Loving :: importing breathing techniques from Pilates/yoga into everyday life
Pondering :: how
Considering :: what to keep up and when
Watching :: Wimbledon, the World Cup (despite disliking football usually)
Hoping :: for a bit of a miracle really

Marvelling :: how much of an impact one person can really make in changing attitudes and where society goes from here i.e. Laura Bates
Needing :: a stronger back
Smelling :: Aussie shampoo
Wearing :: summer dresses!
Following :: adventures on some lovely favourite blogs, such as Sallytangle, Beside the Danube and Life Outside London 
Noticing :: little changes
Knowing :: that there's not long to go
Thinking :: about a million things all at once
Feeling :: collected in the eye of many storms
Admiring :: Laura Bates
Sorting :: holiday prep
Buying :: accommodation for the trip, summer clothes, many meals out
Getting :: closer
Bookmarking :: this video about "make-up", this article about a girl's amazing work experience discovery, Megs' beautiful photo-shoot and this article highlighting where women's speech stands in social situations
Disliking :: weakness
Opening :: windows and doors on account of the sunshine
Giggling :: pretty much all night at the Law summer ball
Snacking :: on fruit
Coveting :: Airbnb places...
Helping :: out with food shops
Hearing :: Chet Faker, James Vincent McMorrow, London Grammar, Chvrches


Are you also taking stock? Find previous editions here and the original source here.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Round-up with a difference

I am writing this in advance so I actually can't tell you what I've been doing this week. Not much a round-up then is it you might be thinking... You would be right.

Except I can tell you one thing...if you are reading this then that means I am currently sitting somewhere extremely sunny in Spain, with a plane to catch this evening again to the next destination. I would expect that I have already eaten a fair bit of paella, acquired browner shoulders and made at least a million embarrassing mistakes with my attempts at speaking Spanish.

I'll be here for a little while, hopefully giving my batteries a thoroughly-needed recharge. In the meantime, if there's anywhere in northern Spain you believe I must visit without fail, then do drop me an e-mail or tweet (see my Contact page) or leave a comment below.

Sending you all the happiest of Sunday wishes.

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