Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Paris // Lessons Learnt in Paris

Lessons Learnt in Paris

1. People will pose next to anything. A light in the crypt of the Pantheon next to the tomb of great writer, Voltaire? No flipping problem. The only rule was to be quiet and respect the building anyway. Hmmm.

2. You will almost get run over at least twice a day and therefore appreciate your ability to cross roads expertly in England.

3. There are lines on the metro which will remind you of specific ones on the London Underground. The seats are less cushioned but the stops are much closer together so I've not figured out which the better deal is.

4. Visiting when under 25 is fab because you get free entry into most of the top tourist attractions.

5. Brie and baguette works perfectly with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  1. Loved this post - the second one made me chuckle!

    Alessia |

  2. It looks beautiful. Hope you're having/had a wonderful time! :)

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful! It's definitely made me want to go!x

  4. Great post and such gorgeous pictures! :)

  5. Such beautiful pictures Bee, you talented thing you.
    You forgot my absolute favourite Parisian lesson though - brown shoes go with anything!
    M x Life Outside London

  6. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Oh, definitely agree with those! I really enjoyed my last visit to Paris... Finally got the chance to just walk around and take in the pretty buildings.

  7. Your photos are breathtaking! The Nikon D40? Did you edit them? Love them,
    Bella xx

  8. Great pics!!!
    I've yet to go to Paris, hoping to go this year. xxx

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  10. Crap, it shows I deleted my comment the first time around. Uber fail on my part.....

    Anyway, darn me being TWENTY-FREAKIN-EIGHT!!

    Love love love these pics, they're blummin' gorgeous. Of course, Paris and it's beauty always helps a pic out, but still - girl got mad skilllzzzzz :D

  11. blimmin' beautiful photographs, i feel like i'm there (wishing) xx

  12. Just discovered your blog thanks to A Rosie Outlook's #ff, am so grateful! These are gorgeous posts, love it!

    Farrah from x

  13. Your photos are gorgeous, makes me want to go back and visit again. Paris is so beautiful.
    Totally agree with your second point, getting run over is a given. Its crazy there. And also being under 25 and European is so great, free or cheap entry to almost every tourist attraction. :)

    Emma x
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