Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday roundup and Glastonbury excitement


This week was a quiet period of rest mostly but there were some sparkly moments as highlighted below! :)

1. Beautiful flower arranging by mummy for my cousin 
2. I spent a day watching Gossip Girl episodes for the first time and then decided I needed to be productive so made this picture for my sister :)
3. A delicious super food salad from Zizzi involving lentils, butternut squash, goats cheese, salad leaves and dough sticks. I need to make this at home too because it looked really easy to do so. The chocolate melt dessert was also absolutely amazingggg!
4. I loveeee this quotation and found it on Pinterest.
5. At Dirty Martini in London with two close friends from uni, one of whom is leaving for Australia :( :( this was a surprise goodbye event!
6. This was from last weekend but when I was in hospital my mummy kindly brought me lots of treats and this was one naughty little combination :)
7. Packing for Glastonbury! I love this little backpack :)
8. My daddy and I being silly and snapchatting my sisters, one of whom is currently on the opposite side of the country and the other is on the other side of the world! Come back soon both of you!!
9. Another snap from Dirty Martini. The cocktails were SO well made here :)

Things I am excited about occurring next week:
- Glastonbury festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- that's pretty much all I have on my mind at the moment!! Have you been and if so, any tips? I am a first-timer! I was told when I bought my tent that we should do a test run in the garden before we go, especially as I haven't actually ever put up a tent before myself. Mike and I attempted this the other evening which was the most hilarious experience as not only could we successfully pitch it in my garden because of the tent's vast size, but packing it up was pretty much impossible! We just couldn't get it into the carrier it came in!! I stamped on it, sat on it, poked at it from different angles but it is still not done so if anybody has a solution please let me know! Lesson learnt: observe how something is folded as you unfold it at the beginning!

(Found on

Hope you've all had a happy week :)
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mundane Midweek #2

Right folks, it's time for another Mundane Midweek, inspired by Charlotte from

I've not been feeling tip top for a couple of weeks now and since coming out of hospital last weekend I have been resting the whole time. This involves bed, 4od and millions of games of Jewel Mania on the iPad. I have also been drawing a lot and watching trillions of episodes of Modern Family. Wonderful!

Today was a little different (but only a little little). I woke up and took my tablets because some of them need to be taken an hour before eating and then read some blogs and watched New Girl until an hour had passed. Breakfast was a bowl of muesli which tasted amazing after eating boring toast the last few days because of feeling ill. Amazing what some little oats and dried fruit can do!

I made a cup of tea, hopped back into bed and read a chapter of "The Great Gatsby" which I really wish I had read before seeing the film. I do like the book but it is hard to get the magical Baz Luhrmann effect out of my head when reading it. I loved the film by the way! 

I then did some boring admin stuff which I had been meaning to do for weeks. Last night it all appeared in my dreams so I took that as a sign that I could not delay it any longer! Sometimes the painkillers I take make my dreams go mad - I enter weird worlds where I am set unachievable physical tasks involving random celebrities and people I haven't spoken to in years. How am I meant to win with a peg leg in those situations?! And then they make me feel unsettled when I wake up which doesn't help but hey ho, hopefully I can stop those tablets soon and dream of rainbows and ponies and predict future events like I usually do.

I should mention that my soundtrack for this afternoon was Destiny's Child for the most part. Wonderful confidence and happiness boost. Lovely.

I later tried to sort out some clothes that I would like to take to Glastonbury next week and Croatia in a few weeks time which of course led to the upstairs of my house looking like a fan spat the contents of my wardrobe everywhere. Mess mess mess. But I did find some nice things that I had forgotten about so it's not all bad. The other nice thing today was that I did some iTunes organising after several months. What is quite sweet is that these days I get all of my music from my younger sisters. It used to be the other way round; I used to give them Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, Damien Rice etc and it looks like they took all of that, loved it and transferred their musical taste to newer things and bounced it all back to me in other artists. I love that.

The rest of my day will consist of seeing Mikey and perhaps attempting a walk because some fresh air would be glorious! Yesterday I walked to the bottom of my road and back to post a letter (a 30 second walk) and ached for the rest of the evening which reminded me of where I was a year or so ago, crutches and all. Not fun!!! But on a positive note, I did something therapeutic last week - I handed in my crutches back to the hospital! I almost wanted to keep them as I felt so attached to them, physically for ages and emotionally still. I know that sounds ridiculous but they helped me do things I really wanted to do like go to the bathroom (!), see my friends, get outside, even do work experience and uni exams, without being pushed in a wheelchair. 

Appreciate the little things everyone because they are the big things really.

I shall leave you with this photo from the 1990s! My little sisters and I are dressed in what I can only describe as incredibly fashionable attire...I actually really like our dresses! And strange as it may seem, that hat was my favourite thing back in the day...ha.

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Monday, June 17, 2013


I love London and would count it as my home but Edinburgh has been my favourite city I have visited as a tourist. Here are a few highlights:

 I liked this sculpture until I discovered they were adulterers! Even so I'm willing to let it slide and assume they were each other's true loves :)

I didn't fancy trying Haggis in its traditional format (bit too squeamish, sorry) but did try this haggis burger. It wasn't too bad! I don't think I would choose it again but I'm glad I tried it. We returned on our last day to have another one of that burger you can see Mike had. BBQ yummmm.

Grassmarket at night (we stayed along this street). 


I love porridge <3 cinnamon and honey.

We spent a rainy afternoon drinking tea and playing chess in a cute little cafe called Bees. :)

They had mismatched china, tables and chairs and we loved it!

A view of Grassmarket from a bridge.

Me looking like a pudding at Edinburgh castle.

I wasn't allowed to buy it... :(

Tartan weaving exhibition...

The Jolly Judge. Yay lawyers!

St Giles' Cathedral was very pretty.

Unreal garlic bread....

Super duper pizza.

Hugeeeee calzone.

I loved the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The London NPG is my fave gallery ever. 

As if by magic when we left the gallery, the sun came out and we decided to grab this opportunity to walk up Calton Hill. This apparently only takes 5 minutes but with inappropriate footwear and a leg I like to call peg, it took us around 15-20 minutes. 

(Arthur's Seat is the highest point you can see there)

Nothing could have prepared us for the absolutely stunning view we were surprised with at the top...

The photo does not do it justice at all but this was one of the best views I have seen in my life. Up there with the view of Prague from the Letensky gardens and the castle. Wowwww.

Then it started to pour again so we hurried down the hill and I decided that a fried Mars bar was what I needed to warm me up. 


We liked listening to live music at Whistle Binkies....

...and getting sciency at the museum.

The Elephant House cafe was where JK Rowling spent time writing Harry Potter so this was a must see spot. I had hoped to suddenly get inspired and write my own novel there and then but unfortunately got distracted by my chocolate brownie and peppermint tea.

The Museum of Childhood was mostly weird...

...but these bears seemed decent.

The Royal Mile was wonderful and cobbly and despite it being a tourist hotspot, it was strangely calm. I also liked Charlotte St (below) as the buildings were so colourful and the shops and restaurants were sophisticated and unique.

All in all, a scrumdidliumptious trip and I can't wait to go back when I have lots of money to buy all the  vintage dresses and old books :) :)

Tell me about your favourite trip :)
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My NASA necklace

A few months back I took a little trip to Edinburgh and loved loved loved the cobbled streets, the castle, the view at the top of Calton Hill and the cool buzz around the city. I was also so intrigued by all the independent and vintage shops. I liked that there were so many around the main tourist spots of the city. My favourite was a little jewellery shop called Hannah Zakari where I got this necklace:

I call it my NASA necklace and absolutely loveeee it. It took me ages to choose something because I loved most things in the shop and wished I could take it all home with me! Usually when there are too many things that I like the look of I leave the shop with nothing because I can't choose which I want the most! This time it was a little different because I instantly feel connected to anything space related! It is by Eclectic Eccentricity, a jewellery brand that I had come across online before. Hannah Zakari also have a website full of their jewellery, cards and gifts. Definitely have a look if you are looking for a present for someone...or just yourself actually!

I will share some Edinburgh photos in another post soon! 
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A different Sunday roundup

So I ended up in hospital again this weekend which has thrown me slightly as that hadn't happened in a while but it wasn't for long so I am feeling grateful to be home. I have had some very...lets say....interesting companions in the past, including an old lady who liked to take her gown off to be in the nude at any given chance. Nice. This time my ward neighbours taught me that you can't have kids without turning to alcohol or smoking... Even nicer. Also isn't it mad that once upon a time it wasn't common knowledge that smoking is terrible for you? They were telling me how it was normal to smoke on the bus/tube and for doctors to smoke inside hospitals! I wonder what we don't realise the dangers of nowadays that will seem downright stupid later on.

Anyway, recently I have been pretty addicted to Pinterest and this week I have been doing A LOT of pinning. I found the following on there and it has been in my head all week. I need some variety at the moment! 

And here is a little sum up of the week before last :)

1. Cocktails in Wimbledon
2. Further Pinterestness in the form of Scott Fitzgerald wisdom
3. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these done!! We were in Covent Garden after seeing Matilda the Musical <3 I don't look like me at all but Roxy looks pretty good! Can you even tell which one is me?!
4. My Mum has been learning how to make sushi and this was her first attempt! So yummy :)
5. The 5 minutes of summer we had.
6. I need a cute little kitty cat <3
7. The Shard! (Superimposed photo they take of you before you go up)
8. My sisters' birthday cake, courtesy of Mummy 
9. A little well done killer whale for my friend :)

Please let me know if you are on Pinterest too and we can have a little pinning party :)
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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello! If you like reading my ramblings then please feel free to follow me via Bloglovin. It's all changing around here... Currently: Listening to Damien Rice. Reading blogs, "The Adventure of English" and "The Secret Garden". Watching "New Girl"- the greatest show on earth :)
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mundane Midweek

Inspired by Charlotte ( ...

Today was an ill day so I had to start by delivering the disappointing news that I couldn't make it in for my volunteering job. I read somewhere that if the first thing you do when you wake up is smile then you're bound to have a good day. But I didn't so that is that.

Deciding that I had the perfect excuse to conduct all affairs from under a duvet, I indulged in some very interesting information on the Internet - a blog ( to be precise - about feminism, Abercrombie & Fitch's terrible policy and why self confidence is important. Wonderful, hilarious and GRRRRR/Beyonce-loving and just AAHHH. 

Lunch was a low-point because I wanted biscuits but had to settle for Ryvita instead, which, in case you are wondering, just isn't the same. Luckily, when my Mum returned from work, my little order for chocolate and/or/but probably AND biscuits was fulfilled and all was good again.

Much of the rest of the day is a blur to me but highlights included putting some clothes on eBay which I had been meaning to for several days and measuring the circumference of my head for graduation purposes. Turns out it is MASSIVE which I seem to say with surprise, although I have known this fact for a number of years now because I have tried so much to become a hat person and have struggled. My head measures 57" - how does yours compare?

My sister made me dinner (little chicken and salad tortilla wraps) which was extremely kind of her and then I crawled back into bed to play Scrabble on my iPad because I love words and my head hurt too much for chess.

Upon reflection, this post is somewhat stylistic of my method of recording my summer holidays circa 1998. I'll see if i can dig that diary out some time. Hope your Wednesday was as wild as mine.

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Saturday, June 08, 2013

A View From the Shard

Isn't our city just lovely?

It was cool to see how much green space London has in amongst the big, grey buildings. I'm pretty biased but it is definitely my favourite city in the entire world :) 

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