More exciting information to follow but, for now, the photograph above and the description below encompass all you need to know.

Fill My Little World is about the thoughts that erupt from my brain from time to time. I like to share insights into the world I see when I shut my eyes, the feelings I experience when something affects my soul and ideas I posit to myself or which are inspired by others.

This blog started out as a natural progression from LiveJournal around eight or nine years ago, and then four years ago I deleted all of the stuff I'd written on there, presumably because it was too embarrassing and emotional, and I started afresh. Posts were sporadic and non-committal until mid-2012 when I fell ill and found myself with a lot of time and a lack of focus. I began to document one good thing every day and it kicked off from there.

I'm taking part in a few projects which may be of interest to you, namely 52 Lists and the 2014 Blogger Challenge, which are hosted by other bloggers and are usually contributed to weekly or fortnightly.

Other things you can expect to find here are chats about trips I've taken and photos of any aesthetically pleasing food I've eaten.

Things I quite like but may not talk about on here as much as I would like to include gender equality, the No More Page 3 campaign, yoga, pilates and my attachment to word games.

Things I quite like and definitely do talk about on a frequent basis include my cat, how healing I find the London Grammar album, mint tea and dreams/thoughts I've had which make no sense and lots of sense all at the same time.

I treat this as my personal, on-line scrapbook and I'm thrilled that you have chosen to follow my adventures too.

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  1. Hi Beeta! Just wanted to stop by & give a quick hello! So happy Tori introduced us through her sweet blog & fun column, "Tori's Quotes." Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! xx