Friday, September 03, 2010


I feel as though I haven't been doing all that much lately but here are a list of things of note from the past couple of weeks:

- Nicola's birthday afternoon with cake and Haribo

- The new Jimmy Spices restaurant which has opened in Wimbledon is great! We went to celebrate my sisters' exam results. Buzzing atmosphere, not too busy, yummy Lamb Rogan Josh (and a huge variety of other good food), exotic cocktails and lovely company and conversation.

- 'Blood Brothers' at the Phoenix Theatre on Charing Cross Road was amazing. Beating all my expectations of it, the production made a powerful and long-lasting impact on the audience. It explores a central theme of class and society with superstition, cycles, opposites, religion, Marilyn Monroe, depression and childhood innocence being key elements. Niki Evans (of X Factor fame) who plays Mrs Johnstone has an incredible voice.

- Nandos chicken never fails to impress.

- 3 year anniversary <3
Michael cooked me steak, potatoes and broccolli and I learnt that Waitrose is never a student option.

- I had an interview yesterday at a high street store for a Christmas Temp vacancy. It was actually a series of group activities, all of which were rather awkward and unstimulating. Nice bunch of people though.

- I sat down with my sisters last night and watched 'Waterloo Road' with them for possibly the first time ever and the first name of one of the pupils that I heard was 'Sambuca' which really confused me but I guess it makes sense as her mother is an alcoholic. This is probably why it was the first time I had seen the show.

- Tesco really ought to sell nice tins of biscuits all year round and not just at Christmas.
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