Tuesday, December 28, 2010

People are just people like you

So today I attended my first ever sport event that wasn't tennis or year 9 interhouse netball. Rugby Union - Harlequins v London Irish at Twickenham - a treat for Michael (because I love him more than anyone has ever loved anyone in the whole entire world!) and well, an interesting first for me. The atmosphere was buzzing, the X Factor performances were great/not that visible from our seats up in the heavens and the sheer enthusiasm from a rather lively congregation of men behind us to get a Mexican wave going was pretty impressive. Although the standard of rugby was apparently disappointing, people did seem to genuinely enjoy themselves with their spouses, friends and family. I did wonder how many of the 70,000 others were at their first rugby game too and had as little clue as I did about the chants, the scrums and the tries (or distinct lack of).

It is amazing to think that there could be so many people in the same building that are in the same situation as each other. No, not even the same building, but so many people in the world that experience the same things, good or bad. It is not often that you realise that however different we may think the person next to us is, at the end of the day we are all people with the same potential raw emotions and it is only through things like film that we notice this. For example, watching 'Remember Me' today struck a couple of chords with me - firstly, that all families are damaged in some way; and secondly, that love is universal. Without wanting to spoil the ending for those who haven't yet witnessed Rob Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin in what is actually a remarkably touching film, the grief of mourning, the intense young love and complexities of the mind are all elements illustrative of everyone's lives. There is always going to be somebody in the world who has gone through the situation that you are in, the feelings that you have and the aspirations you pursue (or thousands and thousands of people in the case of law students seeking training contracts/pupillage...grrr) which is beautiful in the sense that there is a common, unifying factor between us all without detracting from the fact that individuality is not compromised as a result of the responses and attitudes moulded by our character and upbringing.

Begrudgingly, I may just have to accept that there is possibly someone out there who loves their other half as much as I love mine (and just hope that it is indeed my other half himself)!
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