Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a late day two

I managed to get through all of yesterday without using my laptop which can only mean that I was as busy as my situation allows that I did not need to turn to social media and/or BBC iplayer to hurry my day along. That in itself is probably enough to make my day really but there was a string of little things that are worth sharing so I won't end my entry there.

Things were put into perspective in a huge and awful way in the morning when I learnt of a friend's very sad news and my thoughts really are with him and his family.

Unexpected bits of happiness from yesterday:

  • amazing news from Cathy and a really fun phone conversation <3
  • receiving an offer for a vacation scheme FINALLY!!!!!!
  • coming up with fun ways to help Camelia revise Ecosystems.....let's just say, thanks to a very catchy song we created, I have remembered that there are layers in the rainforest with emergents (the tallest trees) standing at 45m tall, above the canopy layer which absorbs the majority of sunlight and intercepts the precipitation. Hopefully she has remembered this too!
  • wearing a new dress with little zebras on it 
  • my favourite flowers
  • a visit from Mikey
  • some kind messages and wishes

I also realised that I am the youngest person at my weekly clinic which is quite amusing, if a bit embarrassing!

Because attempting any sort of distance over 10m results in a real sweat and having realised that all my nice clothes are still in Southampton, my Mum was a star and transported pretty much the entire contents of H&M Epsom to our living room so I could pick some pieces. A bit like 3D online shopping I suppose, complete with fitting room facilities and free returns/delivery (perhaps a new business idea...???) The zebra dress was one of these choices and it really is nice to be out of a nightie if I am honest.

Another little step towards normality was sitting at the kitchen table for dinner. So overall, the day ended on a high and I fell asleep feeling excited about all the things I have to look forward to.

My dreams, on the other hand, were less positive and put me in a very bizarre situation where I was rock-climbing as part of the cast of 90210 with the evil characters from Desperate Housewives sneering from below as there were no safe footholds. The previous night I was in a burning house with Juanita Solis and Susan Delfino with baddies chasing us too and given that my dreams are somewhat prophetic, I can only assume that this is how the Desperate Housewives plot line will unfold.

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  1. Well done, Beeta, that is real progress. I love the dress, how great to be able to wear proper clothes again. So nice to begin to do all those things again that mean "normality". But those dreams - must be the drugs - hope they disappear into the aether soon. Thinking of you ;-) xxxx