Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reviews of comedy, music and new hobbies

Beeta's Autumn Picks

Russell Kane: saw him at the Hammersmith Apollo at the end of October. So articulate and flamboyantly fantastic. Was in stitches the whole night and I'm very sure that Aiden Grimshaw was sat behind me.

Rob Beckett: Russell Kane's support act at the Apollo. Brilliant

Shappi Khorsandi: great little gig at the Soho Theatre. 150 seat theatre felt like being in a lecture theatre. Being in a bigger venue adds something different I think because the likelihood of somebody finding a joke funny is greater.

Katherine Ryan

Alt J - Tessellate: this is the only song of theirs that I know but I realise that they've become more well-known recently having won an award. This is a lovely little song and Mumford & Sons have done a great cover too (I am looking forward to seeing them in December!)

Jose Gonzalez - Crosses: an all time favourite

A mix!
Watched my first few episodes of Flight of the Conchords which is a slightly more plausible/easier to follow relative of the Mighty Boosh in my opinion.

Current activities
- Painting! Today I painted an autumnal scene. Haven't painted since I was around 14 so it was refreshing to paint again after such a long time and it is so therapeutic.
- Knitting. As horribly complicated as it seemed at the beginning, I can now knit very basic items...that are rectangular in shape... This is also quite relaxing until you realise how hunched your back becomes so make sure you stretch often!
- Walking. This is improving which is just honestly so so liberating.
- Looking for a nice bowler hat for my massive head.
- Christmas shopping.
- Reading the little pile of books I borrowed from the library.
- Making Rocky Road slices yummmmmmmmm

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