Thursday, May 09, 2013

Summer shoes

I am a real fuss pot when it comes to choosing shoes. Everything has to be perfect about them before I am willing to buy them and this makes choosing shoes online pretty tricky. However, this does not stop me from having a peek on websites so that I know exactly what I'm after in the shops. As the sun has decided to show its face a few times recently after about seven years of winter, I thought I would share with you some Internet shoe picks! Usually I live in boots during the winter and espadrilles during the summer, although ankle boots are fairly good for any season and very handy for upping coverage of the super stylish compression stocking.


Ravel gladiator sandals from Barratts £32.50,  Francesca Leather Flat Sandals from Asos £28, Zara heels £69.99, Office espadrilles £10, Toms from Asos £45, Soft knot black leather sandals from Office reduced to £15.

Barratts kindly sent me a pair of the sandals above to review and rather perfectly, they arrived on a super sunny day. I knew I wasn't being TOO optimistic choosing summer shoes! I like the woven style of them and think the colour is very versatile.

They go pretty well with my onesie I think...

If the weather continues as it is, I will hopefully be able to try them out with my maxi skirts for full effect. A criticism I could make is that as I have pretty narrow heels the backs of these shoes weren't ideal as they do not hold on very well. They are also not as long as they look in the photo on the website, nor is the material as soft as I would like it to be.

The Barratts delivery service is relatively speedy and they let you know when your goods are being delivered to the hour so you can make sure somebody is in to sign for them. Very helpful indeed. I didn't really realise the array of styles that Barratts stock these days, such as the hi-tops range (reviewed by a few other bloggers I have noticed) which can be found here.

A lot of shops seem to be going under on the high street, but I am confident that shoe shops will always hold their place. I'm still not sure about buying shoes online if the returns policy is complicated and because you can never really tell from a photograph how comfy a fit a pair of shoes will be, I think I would always much prefer to buy shoes in person. However, I cannot deny the ease with which these shoes and others in the past have been delivered so perhaps the key is in simplifying and economising returns procedures.

Whilst we are on the topic, I made a nice discovery at Office recently. Office is usually my go-to shop on the rare occasion that I want a new pair of shoes (I'm usually too fussy to find any appealing so stick to what I know) and have been impressed with the durability of the majority of my purchases there. This time I was after a pair of shoes for a holiday which will involve lots of exploring and therefore walking but not adventurous enough a trip where trainers/hiking boots are needed. As I have mentioned before, summer is a tricky month in terms of the old stocking because it is just on the one leg, is fairly obvious and doesn't go with any outfits that don't incorporate tights, funnily enough! Flossy are my new Spanish discovery! They sell reasonably-priced plimsolls in a variety of colours and patterns and are so comfy - I am so pleased I found them in Office! Problem solved :)

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  1. Love those sandals, good choice and how great you got sent some. (I really like the lacey Toms in the top pic too)! :)

    1. Yes it was cool to receive them :) I like those Toms too but didn't find them that comfortable compared to the Flossys when I tried them on unfortunately!