Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Round-Up

Hello from my new town! It is a weird feeling no longer living in my family home and being away from most of the people I fact, ALL of the people I know minus 1 (albeit it a very important one). It feels different to moving away for university but it doesn't feel permanent yet. That'll probably take getting into the swing of things with the new job et al but so far, so good. It took precisely five people, two cars and a transit van to transport all of our stuff down here. That should probably read *my* stuff, since M's possessions were limited mainly to a couple of books, a chest of drawers and his clothes (not packed, just carried in the aforementioned drawers). Since the weekend we have acquired a lot more joint belongings, such as bed sheets, a giant straw laundry basket and a toaster. I've been busy getting to know the area this week, doing shopping and sorting out admin before my real job starts next week. I hope to be able to continue writing here as I usually do, although that may be less frequent to begin with than I would like. Anyway, without further ado, here's my Sunday round-up....

This week I have been....

Assembling :: flat-pack furniture

Buying :: bits and bobs for the new flat and work clothes

Eating :: with M each evening - what a treat! Also tried Five Guys for the first time, having heard such mixed reviews prior to trying. I really enjoyed it! Bit expensive (same kind of price as you would pay for Patty & Bun which is the superior burger...of all burgers ever, followed closely by Honest) but the chips are awesome (and you get loads), you can pick which burger size you'd like and the drink options are simply incredible. Yep *incredible*...

Drinking :: mixtures of all types of Fanta flavours; litres of tea

Reading :: a book about yoga, "Coming Up Roses" (Cath Kidston's business story) and a book about women and the suffrage movement

Having a love/hate relationship with :: not having wifi  in the flat! It is lovely to have more time to read, talk and play chess, but it has meant several trips to the library to sort out house admin.

Booking :: train tickets all over the place

Considering :: birthday plans

Enjoying :: having plants in the house...just a little Ikea one and a mint plant for the moment. Flowers are next on the list!

Please leave any tips for being a newbie in the workplace in the comments below! Hope you've all had a marvellous week - let me know what you did this weekend :)

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  1. I love posts like this! It's always nice to have a little nosy into someone elses life!!

  2. Glad the move went well! I love Five Guys - the burgers are nice even if not as "good" as P&B or Honest. x

  3. I just emailed you when i clearly should of read your post first :) lol Sounds like being wifi free is the way to go.. we should start a chess club!! hope you are both enjoying ur new town and home x

  4. Best of luck in your new home and with the job. My new job tips would have to be - smile more than you would normally (but I have bitchy resting face so that's particularly important for me) and write things down (even if you think you'll remember them).

  5. Congratulations on your new place, I hope you are both very happy there! Good luck with it all lovely!

  6. Happy new home. Tip- spare pair of tights and a banana in the handbag at all times. Xx

  7. Anonymous2:07 am

    Hey lovely,

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)