Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My trip to Ipswich

Last week I mentioned that I had been to visit a uni friend (an old housemate in fact) for a few days. I actually went the furthest east I have been in England! Gosh I have been adventurous recently....furthest north in Leeds, furthest east in Ipswich....maybe I am doing the "travelling" that I wanted to do in my year out after all...

Fiona lives in a cute little village where there are no street lights and a bus only visits three times a day on certain days of the week. So in some ways I felt a million miles from home where there is nothing but light pollution and a gazillion modes of transport, but it was so lovely to spend time in a different part of the country and to see where Fi lives!

The train from Liverpool Street, albeit a little on the rickety side (step up your game East Anglia trains!), got me to Ipswich in 1 hr 20 mins which is nothing when you have the world of a good book such as "One Day" by David Nicholls to immerse yourself in. Lauren and Fi met me at the station with the car because it is too far to walk to the house and there is no convenient public transport which I found baffling for a while but the drive was about 20 minutes so it was very nice really that peg leg and I weren't subjected to such a trek :)

In the fashion of my previous post about Leeds, here is a list of five things I enjoyed in Ipswich (other than the fantastic company and excellent hosting):

1. The Orwell Bridge is pretty magnificent, with little cows/bulls chilling in a field underneath

We visited the Suffolk Food Hall which sold local produce and also had a garden centre, gift shop and cafe. We enjoyed some coffee and cake as a treat. Oh okay, the whole weekend was treat after treat after treat!

2. The smallest house that somebody actually lives in, in Aldeburgh.

I also enjoyed:

And this sign:

It was super windy but I love being by the sea :)

3. Kwan Thai restaurant in Woodbridge.

We had a delicious starting platter and I had a yummy Massaman curry and sticky rice.

4. Achieving some "firsts" on this trip! Before Ipswich I had never been to a Thai restaurant (although I have tried the food before so I was excited about this), I had never watched an 18 rated movie (this one I was less excited about) and I had never seen "The Sweetest Thing" which is apparently shocking but really made me laugh! Oh and that brings me onto....

...5. Making Slutty Brownies a la The Londoner finally! This was a February resolution so I can tick that off the list. And yes they taste as good as they look, if not better, and no, I don't feel it inappropriate to make a whole batch again only to be consumed by two people :) :) :) :) :) :) Much better than my cake pop venture ;)

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  1. That little house is the cutest! x

    1. It is, isn't it?! I couldn't believe that somebody actually lives there!