Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday roundup and Glastonbury excitement


This week was a quiet period of rest mostly but there were some sparkly moments as highlighted below! :)

1. Beautiful flower arranging by mummy for my cousin 
2. I spent a day watching Gossip Girl episodes for the first time and then decided I needed to be productive so made this picture for my sister :)
3. A delicious super food salad from Zizzi involving lentils, butternut squash, goats cheese, salad leaves and dough sticks. I need to make this at home too because it looked really easy to do so. The chocolate melt dessert was also absolutely amazingggg!
4. I loveeee this quotation and found it on Pinterest.
5. At Dirty Martini in London with two close friends from uni, one of whom is leaving for Australia :( :( this was a surprise goodbye event!
6. This was from last weekend but when I was in hospital my mummy kindly brought me lots of treats and this was one naughty little combination :)
7. Packing for Glastonbury! I love this little backpack :)
8. My daddy and I being silly and snapchatting my sisters, one of whom is currently on the opposite side of the country and the other is on the other side of the world! Come back soon both of you!!
9. Another snap from Dirty Martini. The cocktails were SO well made here :)

Things I am excited about occurring next week:
- Glastonbury festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- that's pretty much all I have on my mind at the moment!! Have you been and if so, any tips? I am a first-timer! I was told when I bought my tent that we should do a test run in the garden before we go, especially as I haven't actually ever put up a tent before myself. Mike and I attempted this the other evening which was the most hilarious experience as not only could we successfully pitch it in my garden because of the tent's vast size, but packing it up was pretty much impossible! We just couldn't get it into the carrier it came in!! I stamped on it, sat on it, poked at it from different angles but it is still not done so if anybody has a solution please let me know! Lesson learnt: observe how something is folded as you unfold it at the beginning!

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Hope you've all had a happy week :)
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  1. Did you love Glasto? I really want to go one day!

    1. It was such an incredible experience, thank you! Yes, I highly recommend going :) I will do a little post about it soon.

  2. hope the treats made you feel better
    i love those kp dippers

    1. Thank you :) I hadn't had them since I was little so they definitely cheered me up!