Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mundane Midweek #2

Right folks, it's time for another Mundane Midweek, inspired by Charlotte from

I've not been feeling tip top for a couple of weeks now and since coming out of hospital last weekend I have been resting the whole time. This involves bed, 4od and millions of games of Jewel Mania on the iPad. I have also been drawing a lot and watching trillions of episodes of Modern Family. Wonderful!

Today was a little different (but only a little little). I woke up and took my tablets because some of them need to be taken an hour before eating and then read some blogs and watched New Girl until an hour had passed. Breakfast was a bowl of muesli which tasted amazing after eating boring toast the last few days because of feeling ill. Amazing what some little oats and dried fruit can do!

I made a cup of tea, hopped back into bed and read a chapter of "The Great Gatsby" which I really wish I had read before seeing the film. I do like the book but it is hard to get the magical Baz Luhrmann effect out of my head when reading it. I loved the film by the way! 

I then did some boring admin stuff which I had been meaning to do for weeks. Last night it all appeared in my dreams so I took that as a sign that I could not delay it any longer! Sometimes the painkillers I take make my dreams go mad - I enter weird worlds where I am set unachievable physical tasks involving random celebrities and people I haven't spoken to in years. How am I meant to win with a peg leg in those situations?! And then they make me feel unsettled when I wake up which doesn't help but hey ho, hopefully I can stop those tablets soon and dream of rainbows and ponies and predict future events like I usually do.

I should mention that my soundtrack for this afternoon was Destiny's Child for the most part. Wonderful confidence and happiness boost. Lovely.

I later tried to sort out some clothes that I would like to take to Glastonbury next week and Croatia in a few weeks time which of course led to the upstairs of my house looking like a fan spat the contents of my wardrobe everywhere. Mess mess mess. But I did find some nice things that I had forgotten about so it's not all bad. The other nice thing today was that I did some iTunes organising after several months. What is quite sweet is that these days I get all of my music from my younger sisters. It used to be the other way round; I used to give them Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, Damien Rice etc and it looks like they took all of that, loved it and transferred their musical taste to newer things and bounced it all back to me in other artists. I love that.

The rest of my day will consist of seeing Mikey and perhaps attempting a walk because some fresh air would be glorious! Yesterday I walked to the bottom of my road and back to post a letter (a 30 second walk) and ached for the rest of the evening which reminded me of where I was a year or so ago, crutches and all. Not fun!!! But on a positive note, I did something therapeutic last week - I handed in my crutches back to the hospital! I almost wanted to keep them as I felt so attached to them, physically for ages and emotionally still. I know that sounds ridiculous but they helped me do things I really wanted to do like go to the bathroom (!), see my friends, get outside, even do work experience and uni exams, without being pushed in a wheelchair. 

Appreciate the little things everyone because they are the big things really.

I shall leave you with this photo from the 1990s! My little sisters and I are dressed in what I can only describe as incredibly fashionable attire...I actually really like our dresses! And strange as it may seem, that hat was my favourite thing back in the day...ha.

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  1. I love Modern Family so much! I wish Netflix would put Season three up, it's killing me waiting! Well done for getting off your crutches! :)

    1. Thank you! Modern family is so clever and well-written - I love it too :)

  2. Tom Hanks was in my dream last night. I asked him to take a picture with me and he said "of course!" but before it happened, Boyfriend woke me up by getting up for the day. *sigh*

    1. That's always the way! Last night I had a dream that I was friends with Danny from the Script and we were painting murals depicting The Great Gatsby on the sides of tall buildings!