Monday, June 17, 2013


I love London and would count it as my home but Edinburgh has been my favourite city I have visited as a tourist. Here are a few highlights:

 I liked this sculpture until I discovered they were adulterers! Even so I'm willing to let it slide and assume they were each other's true loves :)

I didn't fancy trying Haggis in its traditional format (bit too squeamish, sorry) but did try this haggis burger. It wasn't too bad! I don't think I would choose it again but I'm glad I tried it. We returned on our last day to have another one of that burger you can see Mike had. BBQ yummmm.

Grassmarket at night (we stayed along this street). 


I love porridge <3 cinnamon and honey.

We spent a rainy afternoon drinking tea and playing chess in a cute little cafe called Bees. :)

They had mismatched china, tables and chairs and we loved it!

A view of Grassmarket from a bridge.

Me looking like a pudding at Edinburgh castle.

I wasn't allowed to buy it... :(

Tartan weaving exhibition...

The Jolly Judge. Yay lawyers!

St Giles' Cathedral was very pretty.

Unreal garlic bread....

Super duper pizza.

Hugeeeee calzone.

I loved the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The London NPG is my fave gallery ever. 

As if by magic when we left the gallery, the sun came out and we decided to grab this opportunity to walk up Calton Hill. This apparently only takes 5 minutes but with inappropriate footwear and a leg I like to call peg, it took us around 15-20 minutes. 

(Arthur's Seat is the highest point you can see there)

Nothing could have prepared us for the absolutely stunning view we were surprised with at the top...

The photo does not do it justice at all but this was one of the best views I have seen in my life. Up there with the view of Prague from the Letensky gardens and the castle. Wowwww.

Then it started to pour again so we hurried down the hill and I decided that a fried Mars bar was what I needed to warm me up. 


We liked listening to live music at Whistle Binkies....

...and getting sciency at the museum.

The Elephant House cafe was where JK Rowling spent time writing Harry Potter so this was a must see spot. I had hoped to suddenly get inspired and write my own novel there and then but unfortunately got distracted by my chocolate brownie and peppermint tea.

The Museum of Childhood was mostly weird...

...but these bears seemed decent.

The Royal Mile was wonderful and cobbly and despite it being a tourist hotspot, it was strangely calm. I also liked Charlotte St (below) as the buildings were so colourful and the shops and restaurants were sophisticated and unique.

All in all, a scrumdidliumptious trip and I can't wait to go back when I have lots of money to buy all the  vintage dresses and old books :) :)

Tell me about your favourite trip :)
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