Sunday, June 16, 2013

A different Sunday roundup

So I ended up in hospital again this weekend which has thrown me slightly as that hadn't happened in a while but it wasn't for long so I am feeling grateful to be home. I have had some very...lets say....interesting companions in the past, including an old lady who liked to take her gown off to be in the nude at any given chance. Nice. This time my ward neighbours taught me that you can't have kids without turning to alcohol or smoking... Even nicer. Also isn't it mad that once upon a time it wasn't common knowledge that smoking is terrible for you? They were telling me how it was normal to smoke on the bus/tube and for doctors to smoke inside hospitals! I wonder what we don't realise the dangers of nowadays that will seem downright stupid later on.

Anyway, recently I have been pretty addicted to Pinterest and this week I have been doing A LOT of pinning. I found the following on there and it has been in my head all week. I need some variety at the moment! 

And here is a little sum up of the week before last :)

1. Cocktails in Wimbledon
2. Further Pinterestness in the form of Scott Fitzgerald wisdom
3. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these done!! We were in Covent Garden after seeing Matilda the Musical <3 I don't look like me at all but Roxy looks pretty good! Can you even tell which one is me?!
4. My Mum has been learning how to make sushi and this was her first attempt! So yummy :)
5. The 5 minutes of summer we had.
6. I need a cute little kitty cat <3
7. The Shard! (Superimposed photo they take of you before you go up)
8. My sisters' birthday cake, courtesy of Mummy 
9. A little well done killer whale for my friend :)

Please let me know if you are on Pinterest too and we can have a little pinning party :)
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