Monday, July 22, 2013

Glastonbury Festival

I definitely should have mentioned this earlier but Glastonbury Festival was an incredible experience. It is one of the world's biggest festivals and I was seriously stunned by the sheer vastness of the site and the overwhelming variety of entertainment.

Yes, it's true that there were brilliant headlining acts (Arctic Monkeys yes yes yes) in addition to a fantastic line-up in general, but what makes the festival so flipping amazing is the down-to-earth nature of it, the ethics and values governing its organisation and the fact that there is literally something for everybody. I hadn't realised what a family-friendly event it is - I thought it would be a real palaver taking children to a festival but people had taken young children with them so the age range was literally from a few months old to about 70, I reckon! It was so nice to see so many like-minded people come together for one long weekend, away from the real world and revelling in the relaxed yet manically busy atmosphere that the festival has to offer.

Over the course of the weekend, I listened to some of the best live music I have ever heard - the sound at the Pyramid stage is insanely good....we could hear the Rolling Stones crystal clear from about half a mile away - danced, chatted to countless strangers, signed a petition, watched comedy, discovered new and inspiring music which has caused me to change the way I think, attended a talk about feminism, tried yummy food including Creole and Thai dishes, learnt about Permaculture (see below) and smiled an awful lot :)

Here are two bands who I really enjoyed discovering one night at two little tents in a completely dark field. In the first, we saw Aussie band, The Formidable Vegetable Sound System, who sang about Permaculture. There was no light bar a few candles on stage and fairy lights so that the bar wasn't invisible! The sound system was powered by audience members pedalling a stationary bike in return for a free cup of tea :) 

The second, The Undercover Hippy, impressed me so much I actually bought their EP as soon as their set finished. This song made me laugh :)

Here are a few snaps from the weekend:

This banoffee pie cake was AMAZING.

I know I looked a bit silly by day 5 but one of my favourite things about the weekend was not looking in a mirror once, not caring what I looked like and just feeling the most comfortable I have done in any public place pretty much ever.

I love how the whole thing challenges conventional societal norms and injects a strain of sense and morality. I am actually craving the whole experience and wish that everyday life could be more like Glastonbury!

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