Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Roundup

This week was half-term. The perfect opportunity to unwind a little, but mostly to get ahead with work in anticipation of a busy couple of months ahead. I did also get to catch up with some friends so it was a fairly balanced week. As always, however, it has reached Sunday and I feel like I could have done so much more. Any time I wasn't doing work, I felt guilty for not doing any. Are we ever content with our efforts? Do we expect too much from ourselves? Or is that just the Sunday feeling?

Other than studying, this week I was...

Reading: oh who am I kidding, I was reading about Business Accounts this week. I need to factor in some alone time with normal books again.

Listening to: London Grammar's album on repeat. Sally and I are in love with them and the voice and just oh my goodness. The album just grabs my soul and twists it into pretty shapes.

Eating: burgers. Out. Twice. Whoops.

Wishing I was eating: a Patty & Bun burger. Is it really worth queuing in the cold for? If you assure me it is, I will wait.

Watching: Midnight in Paris. I enjoyed the concept and it was very typically Woody Allen. It was also interesting to see the lovely Rachel McAdams play a character who isn't very likeable. The beautiful imagery also made me miss my friend, Anj, who is in Paris and made me even more excited to go and visit her.

Drinking: THIS (a delicious blend of lychee, pineapple, rum, mint, lime, FIRE AND MAGIC) at B Soho which is a great bar off of Oxford Street, complete with live music from 10pm. All the songs were the acoustic best bits of all your favourites that you would compile for a playlist, cleverly linked by song title or theme. Lets go together sometime and sing along.

Thinking about: what presents to give people who are impossible to buy for.

Celebrating: (with burgers) the end of a rough few months for M.

Enjoying: the company that a pet brings. The ultimate conundrum, however, is that he is so terribly naughty but also so very cute when he is naughty. To be cross, or not to be cross!

Catching up with: old house-mates, old uni friends and old school friends.

Excited about: hosting the #lbloggers chat tonight!

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  1. Ooo you're hosting the chat! I'll be joining in definitely :)

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  2. I love chatty posts like this :) I totally get the Sunday guilt, I always get it, because on the one side I'd like to use the weekends to sort my life out and get stuff done that I don't have time for during the week, but at the same time, I really need that time out and just relaxing thing that Sundays are for too. I actually almost wrote a post about this this morning, but then deleted it, because I didn't manage to get it to make sense outside of my head (see it's beginning to sound crazy again).
    I'm trying to just indulge in not doing anything when I've actually decided to do nothing, and when I can't commit to enjoying it to try and get stuff done. Sounds weird, but it actually kind of works.

  3. I feel like I could have done tons more work too :( my excuse is that I needed the break and now feel refreshed and ready to work again... haha ;) Your kitty sounds/looks adorable! Lovely post xx

  4. I love Midnight In Paris so much :) I've watched it so many times....

  5. I have yet to watch Midnight in Paris but was thinking of popping on a film whilst the Mr is out playing at a wedding later. You may have solved my dilemma! Ps, still have London Grammar on loop. Dear me!