Friday, May 02, 2014

52 Lists // Eighteen

Before I drew up this list, I really had to think long and hard about what it is that I would do with lots of money. Sure, there are things that I would like to do and currently don't have the budget for but none of these are extravagant. More importantly, none of these are really important. The things I would like to do aren't things that money can give me. Perhaps it could speed up the route to some of those things, but perhaps it would wipe out the journey that may give me something more worthwhile.

The things that I could have put in this list felt too trivial and frivolous to even contemplate documenting. It goes without saying that the things that I want most in the world and the problems that I want solved, are not things that will bloom from money.

The things I did include, however, except the first and last, are things that someday I will achieve anyway - millionaire or not - so that renders half of my list pointless. Looks like just giving people a fresh start financially and gifting the rest to a worthy cause would do me just fine.

I'll let you know how these plans go if I ever get round to buying my first lottery ticket... In the meantime, let me know what's most important to you.


This is List #18 in the 52 Lists project, hosted by Emma at Made in Hunters

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  1. Hmmm always a tough question. I'd probably pay off mine and the boys student loans (his is huge darn American education system). I'd want to buy an old mansion in Detroit to refurbish and live in it, but i'd give loads of it away to community projects in the city - the need it more then me.

  2. I think you would definitely need to use some of that money to visit New Zealand! You seem so keen to see what the Land of the Long Cloud has to offer so you should definitely do that with a lot of money. And of course, you'll get to meet me so it's a win-win situation :P

  3. Oooo I think I'd have to say something similar to your first point - help out family! :) And I know my family loves trips and my mom would love to go to Europe again one day since she hasn't been back since she moved from England when she was younger than I am now, so I think that would have to be on the list too! - create some memories with my loved ones and spend time with them ♥ I'd give tons away to different organizations and charities that could do so much good with it as well - I think thoughtfulness & consideration are characteristics of a person that shouldn't be jeopardized or even determined by the amount of money someone has... :)

  4. Sometimes, it seems those who have silly amounts of money, aren't happy. Sure we'd all like to have luxury things, but suddenly winning loads could be dangerous! I'd definitely spend it on my friends and family, possibly (definitely) buy myself a new wardrobe!
    x Hayley-Eszti |

  5. You are just the nicest person in the world. The nicest! X

  6. I'm with Leona (mainly because my first thought was SHOES!). I jest (well, almost-jest) - I, too, would do what I could to help those in my life :) But still, your list is so incredibly thoughtful and touching - you are an angel!! xx

  7. You're so very sweet and your list is pretty spot on - questions like this really do make you ponder what's most important and what truly makes you happy! Clue: not the dosh so much.
    M x Life Outside London