Sunday, May 04, 2014

Versailles // Temple of Love

Goodness knows what we would have done if there had been no queue for the actual Palace and we'd had to cram that AND the gardens into one day. I'm certain you could spend a few days here and still not see all of it. A common feeling throughout the day was "What on earth did these people need all this space for?" but at least now they're sharing the love and we all get to picnic.

This bit here is the Temple of Love, A's favourite part of the whole of Versailles. Isn't it just beautiful? I showed the photos to my parents and both said that it reminded them of the tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, Iran , but this was in fact part of the English Garden built in 1778. It sits by the Petit Trianon (where Marie Antoinette used to hang out) and is made entirely from marble.

I can only assume this little boy's t-shirt is a reflection of his life motto as he was the only one we saw playing football with Cupid...

After that, A decided it was going to be her day too ...

...I almost left her to it but there was at least another two hours of walking to be done, ice-creams to be found and I needed my tour guide back!

I think A was right - this was definitely one of the prettiest places I have ever visited. Ever so peaceful too. What do you reckon? Where's the most peaceful place you've been to just outside of a city?

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  1. WOW what a beautiful place - love the white contrast against the back drop.
    Hmm has to be at a retreat in Oxford in the middle of nowhere - it was SO quiet!

  2. So stunning! We went to the New Forest recently outside Bournemouth and that was like a whole other beautifully peaceful planet. Lushness. I think today shall be my day, is it yours too?
    M x Life Outside London

  3. These are such good photos. I wish I were there right now! Hmmm... Hampstead Heath definitely doesn't count as being outside the city, but it can be really peaceful and is probably my favourite spot in London!

  4. Hoping to take my boyfriend to Versaille next summer for a big birthday (he is a big garden geek!). The photos look lovely :)
    Thanks for sharing!