Tuesday, January 08, 2013

London Grumblr

As I am currently on a year out, the days of the week don't really seem to matter to me in the slightest but being surrounded by people who are working, I realise that today was Monday and Mondays do not equal fun. Sooooo I have decided to share my favourite website with you in an attempt to make the beginning of your week perhaps a tiny bit better (at least).

I discovered "London Grumblr" via Twitter which is actually probably where I find out about most things these days. (It is an increasingly wonderful tool for researching as well e.g. product reviews/news)

London Grumblr is a website documenting Londoners' gripes and problems through photos, gifs and very witty lines. Very good for a cheer up :)

Here are a few of my favourite ones:

and everyone else is like...

Source of all gifs: www.londongrumblr.co.uk

Hope you all have a lovely week
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  1. Aha, that Tumblr site is fantastic. I'm planning on moving to London soon so I'll be adding that Tumblr to my blog list!