Thursday, January 31, 2013

My trip to Leeds!

I left my house for the first time in a joyous (not) week, to venture up to Leeds to visit my sister who is studying there. I need to point out that this is the furthest north that I have ever been so it sort of felt like I had entered a different country when I heard the different accent, didn't know my way around the city and experienced the friendliness of strangers. Take note London Underground...people CAN talk to one another and not look deeply inconvenienced that they're engaged in conversation.

Aside from the people, here are my five favourite things about Leeds:

1. The architecture around Leeds uni campus - the buildings are so grand and beautiful and I could have stared at them all day.

2. The Oxfam Bookshop in Headingley - it had every type of book under the sun and I could have spent hours in there picking lots of things to buy but had to bear in mind personal luggage restrictions strictly imposed by my one-handedness unfortunately but I will be back next time for more!


*All the books I had to carry home. I read Shappi's book on the train up and thought I would do the same for the Law book too (who am I kidding..?!) but bought Obama's book and "One Day" in Leeds. Oh and that's my trusty Paperblanks diary on the top of the pile which is just beautiful. It is the "Safavid" one, inspired by Persian design and you can purchase it here or here.

3. The Hidden Cafe at Leeds Uni - this is a little coffee shop in the student union building which has cute little tables which look like they belong in Beatrix Potter's study, as well as a bookcase with plenty of books and boardgames to keep you busy. I had coffee and a yummy slice of red velvet cake with a lovely friend who is also studying there. Oh and they had the first Mumford & Sons album on which was nice :)

4. This arcade bit in town with all the fancy shops and fountains

5. The fact that one of my sisters is there of course! Pretty cool to see the littl'uns all grown up and living alone etc! I look forward to visiting my other sister in the near future too and then I can thrill you all with my top 5 favourite things about Birmingham!

Back in the day

All in all, a wonderful trip and I fully intend to visit again and still trying to figure out how I can get away with being a student there...

Also, also, also, I have now seen LES MIS at the cinema and need to tell you about how amazing it was but will do that in another post soon. Keep your eyes peeled! 

I shall leave you with this spectacle of hope and ambition:



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