Monday, March 04, 2013

Goodbye February! March resolutions

At the beginning of February I made a little list of resolutions for the month.

1. Ok so this first resolution was to finish three books and unless by three I meant one then I unfortunately did not accomplish this. However.......
2. Slutty brownies  - happened. Yum yum yessss.
3. No valentines cards/gifts were given.
4. I finally went out, by myself and got on public transport, with no walking stick! This is the resolution I am most proud of really as this month marks 11 months of clots, crutches and sticks.
5. Physio exercises were done as and when I felt up to doing them. Too tired from all the walking! And I also managed to swim! It knocked me out for a few days afterwards but yippeeeee yippppeeeeeee EXERCISE! finally!
6. No alcohol was consumed. Pretty easy this month and I personally raised £200 for Cancer Research UK through January sponsorship!

Job done, goodbye February!

Resolutions for March:
1. Finish ONE book at least and start another!
2. Swim more often.

I have been exploring Pinterest a lot recently and found this the other day which I think is spot on :)

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  1. Yay for meeting so many of your February resolutions! You must be very proud of yourself :) x

    1. Thank you! Little steps seem to be the way forward :)