Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Roundup

Watching: Charlie Brooker's "Black Mirror" (very thought-provoking)

Listening to: Florence and the Machine

Eating out: Meat Liquor was terrible! See my review here.
Wagamama was much much MUCH yummier :)

Baking: marble cake and chocolate cake :) Baking seems to be the perfect activity for days when I want to be productive but can't really go very far.

Drinking: lots of peppermint tea and I also tried a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks for the first time which is actually fairly decent :)

Painting: presents

Enjoying: swimming, which seems to be the only type of "proper" exercise I can do these days which is exciting because exercise helps things feel normal :)

What has been your favourite thing about this week?

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  1. i want to see a movie but not really sure what to watch. maybe black mirror will do. i think i'll just go for the chocolate cake.

    caramel macchiato is my favorite in Starbucks

    1. Black Mirror is a very interesting tv programme - there have been two series, each with 3 episodes. I have only seen some of series 2 - it is very weird but makes points about today's society x

  2. Making blueberry muffins with my boyfriend :)