Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Taking Stock #1

I came across this little tool for reflection the other day and think it is perfect for the start of each month. I enjoy documenting the good little things in my life, but also appreciate the need to take notice of how I'm really feeling. I don't let a lot of negativity into this space as I try to make it a positive place but perhaps a bit of honesty with myself at least will be useful to me in the long run. For my birthday, I received a five year Q&A diary and I have loved doing that each evening too, but more on that in another post. For now, here's me taking stock at the beginning of October. Feel free to join in too.

Making : new friends at law school
Cooking : a minimal amount
Drinking : green tea
Reading: with more enthusiasm and haste than I used to
Wanting: order to be restored
Looking: around me for help
Playing: with the kitten of course!
Wasting: hopefully nothing
Fixing: my previous lack of structure 
Deciding: to think about me a little more
Wishing: I could make it all better
Enjoying: the start of law school and the routine it has given me
Waiting: for news, never good
Liking: the direction my blog is taking
Wondering: what I will make of myself now in 10 years time
Loving: using a hot water bottle again 
Pondering: life's surprises
Considering: what holds me back
Watching: The Great British Bake Off and Modern Family
Hoping: for brighter days ahead

Marvelling: at how beautiful and calming the outdoors is, yet going for a walk when I was younger never appealed to me
Needing: to get rid of the unsettled feeling I have 
Smelling: birthday cake baking
Wearing: comfy clothes, because they are the way forward and make me feel more me
Following: the No More Page 3 campaign because I love them
Noticing: cracks
Knowing: more legal jargon
Thinking: too much and not positively enough. Bring me sunshineeee
Feeling: exhausted
Admiring: how talented my sisters are 
Buying: not a lot other than train tickets
Getting: used to routine
Bookmarking: clever baking ideas because I find it therapeutic but rarely  make time for it
Opening: my mind (cringe)
Giggling: not often enough but always at Modern Family

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, Beeta! I think I might join you in this next month--also, thanks for the reminder about hot water bottles! I have no idea where mine has wandered off to, so I'll pick up one and have toasty feet in bed!