Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fitzrovia Belle

This week was Mike's birthday and I think it is fair to say that it was probably one of the least conventional. Hospitals aren't really a birthday treat, are they? Whoops. 

Anyhow, to make the day more cheery, we decided a naughty lunch would be most apt. Luckily, we didn't have to walk far before we stumbled across Fitzrovia Belle - a lovely looking pub (and hotel) on Tottenham Court Rd. We were sucked in the second we saw that they did hot dogs. Naughty lunch haunt found!

There is a normal menu but just LOOK at the BeerDogs menu below!!

Whichever hot dog you order, you can choose between beef, pork and vegetarian. We ordered pork hot dogs, Cajun chips (which set my mouth on fire) and an excellent bowl of onion rings.

M had a beer battered dog and I gobbled up those gherkins.

And then the Oklahoma Dog which was smothered in barbecue sauce and melted cheese. Deeee-licious.

(Told you the onion rings were excellent)

I would definitely recommend Fitzrovia Belle. The staff are helpful and friendly, and I saw couples, families, friends and business people there so it is an ideal place to meet anybody really. I mean hot dogs aren't the cleanest things to eat so if you're thinking of it as a first date venue then perhaps do a little disclaimer before the meal starts about inability to guarantee crumb-free hair/clothes. Definitely not speaking from experience... 
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  1. Wow, those hotdogs look fabulous! I am popping this in my handy-dandy list of places to eat when we're in London. Lucas is way keener on hotdogs than burgers--which bemuses me, as they're pretty much the same thing, but in a different shape--so it sounds like a winner for a fuss-free family meal!