Friday, April 11, 2014

52 Lists // Fifteen

And Pilates.

I've been paying attention to my "soul" a lot recently. Referring to it as though it's a thing that needs healing through paying it care and attention. I can't remember exactly when my little personal journey began but since I started feeding my soul things which nurture it it seems to be seeping into the cracks in my heart, making me feel a new level of energy and contentment. 

How much of the stuff we feed our brains and souls daily is a waste of time, poison, unhealthy, just plain rubbish? Are you aware of what you spend most of your time reading? Is it something that benefits you at all or is it just habit driving you to expend energy on things that don't mean anything to you? Things that don't motivate or educate or soothe you. 

A lot of this ties in with ideas of decluttering. I suppose I have been aiming to declutter the circle of things which I allow to influence me. I keep thinking of that Oscar Wilde quotation I included in a previous list - "What you read when you don't have to determines what you will be when you can't help it". 

Stop reading those destructive and degrading Daily Mail articles - try The Philosopher's Mail instead. If there are too many people feeding you negative thoughts on your social media pages, stop following them. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and encourage you to pursue your interests and passions, not those who make you feel bad about yourself.  Oh and stop listening to that voice that constantly tells you that you don't have enough time to do things for yourself. You absolutely do. Put it in your diary - Wednesday evenings "me time". Do it, do it, do it. Arrange a date with yourself to do something that you know you will feel better for doing, whether that's exercise, crafting, reading, having a bath, listening to music or turning off your phone. I promise your soul with thank you afterwards.

What do you reckon? What kick-starts your soul? 

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  1. Bee i LOVE this! You r words are perfect and i adore the idea behind this post. And you are SO right. It is so easy to read what is in front of us, well because it is there and it is easy. But the most thought provoking reads, situations and events in life that have the most impact are not always the ones right infront of us or spoon fed to us the easy way. Sometimes you have got to dig a little deeper into your soul and find out what makes it feel alive, what inspires you and what makes your skip a million times a minute and makes you feel so inspired you just HAVE to get involved straight away. These are the things that feed the soul, the real things that feed the soul.

    If i had to pick a few things that kickstart my soul the list could be endless! But i would saaaay a pretty top five would be music, print and pattern, singing and being in love (the proper kind!).

    Ah wish you lived closer you spectacular lady! You would make such excellent company :) Lots of love xxxx

  2. I adore making lists so it's lovely to see one written by someone else. A few things that kickstart my soul are travelling to new countries, spending time with my family, writing and the scarce days I can relax and reflect. x

  3. I firmly believe (and have for some time) that the Daily Mail is responsible for 96.5% of negative energy everywhere. It's utter rot.
    Truly love this list, it's all so active. No sitting back and feeling grotty or passing the blame elsewhere. Your/my/our souls are our responsibility so for mine I shall be finding more time for reading and *whisper it* knitting, spending more time in the kitchen, having a few more dates with myself, giving things 100% of my attention instead of spreading myself too thin, listening to more mowtown music and upping my avocado intake!

    Have a marvellous Monday beautiful Bee
    M x Life Outside London

  4. Love this post. I've rediscovered my love for reading for pleasure on this trip, and know that's how I want to spend time to relax when I'm back home xxx