Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Revisiting an old skill :: featuring a story

Last week was an exciting one. From the picture above, I guess you're trying to figure out which skill I've taken up again - am I a budding landscaper? A driver? Am I taking up tea-drinking professionally? Or have I been fine-tuning my vocal skills?

Things have been fairly monotonous for a while but all of a sudden, I've found myself with a car and the challenge of getting used to driving again. My parents are generous souls and the little story about how the car came about goes something like this:

/In 2010/
Bee :: Oh cool, I have passed my driving test but I have no car.
Dad :: Don't worry, it's nicer for your Mum and I to give you lifts anyway.

/In 2011/
Bee :: Woooo, I love trains. I don't really need a car... there's no need for one as a student.
Dad :: Phew.

/Early 2012/
Bee :: Ergh, I need a car. I know "need" is a strong word and we have excellent transport links, but yes I NEED a car.
Dad :: Gosh, you whine a lot. Ok, ok, why don't you get on with some job applications for after you graduate and when you get a good one, I'll get you a car?
Bee :: DEAL. (Rushes frantically to a computer and makes self sound amazing and pings application forms off with fingers crossed, dreaming of driving)

/A bit later in 2012/
Bee :: Wow, walking is an actual luxury.
Everyone else :: Come on, crutches!
Dad :: Looks like getting a job is out of the window for a while then... *

/End of summer 2012/
Kind lady on phone :: Congratulations, we'd like to offer you a good job starting in 2014!

/A few hours later, on the phone/
Bee :: Daddy, daddy! I did it, I did it!! I got a good job! Wooooooo.
Little sister in background :: Errr, Dad. Don't mean to burst your bubble but this means you actually have to get her a car now...

Bee :: Don't worry, I love walking and trains these days. No need for four wheels just yet.
Dad :: Phew.

Bee :: It's vroom vroom year!!!!**

*Probably wasn't his overriding thought at the time, but I'm sure it was lodged in there somewhere...
** I'm not just a spoilt brat... I do actually need a car now for work.

I haven't driven in FOUR years. Flipping flopping oh my goodness, yikes. But for job-related purposes, it has been fairly essential for me to remember how it is done. My Mum braved my first drive with me and I would be fibbing if I said it wasn't hard. I have completely taken it for granted hopping into the car so easily with parents and friends and having them zip me from one side of town to the other, and often further afield. There are so many things to think about and look out for! It's so much easier being the passenger!

I'm sure you're thinking that I'll get used to it and that as so many people drive, it really isn't that big a deal. And I'm certain that you're right. I'm looking forward to the day where it's second nature to me A LOT.

In the meantime, I would love to hear any tips and/or fun car-related stories you may have. Oh, and any suggestions for absolute essentials to keep in the car are warmly welcomed too! (So far, I've listed important documents, a blanket, a first aid kit, CDs, tissues, an ice scraper thingy... what else?)

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  1. You need to get yourself some car sweets! I have sherbet lemons. It's such a random thing to have but I find it's really great if you're feeling a bit down to give yourself a sugar hit. Plus passengers will love you forever! Good luck with your driving I'm sure it will all come flooding back. I think, although I've only been driving for just under a year, it would be really weird not to now.
    Kate xx

  2. Oh doll, I wish I could offer advice but, as a non-driver (and one who has never even sat in the drivers seat of a car!), anything I did offer would be really rather useless. Although, I love Kate's car sweets idea!!

    Yay to the new car and I wish you all the luck with settling into the driving malarkey!!


  3. congrats! I still haven't taken my driving test since moving to England three years ago, I rely on my lovely bf to drive us everywhere. Even though I drove for ten years before moving here, driving now again on my own scares me!

  4. You're a very funny lady! And happy new car to you.
    Always keep snacks in there. I always have balls and poop bags to hand but I guess that's quite niche to me...
    Just keep practicing, soon you'll get somewhere and have no clue how it happened, that's a glorious feeling.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Although I would have LOVED it if professional tea-drinking was a thing. I'm going to make it a thing by jove