Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sunday Round-up

A quick transportation back to Paris in springtime

This week I have been //

Reading :: oasis - guys, guys!!! My best friend has started up her blog again!! I can't even begin to describe how exciting I find this - I can now talk about blog-related stuff to another human being FACE-TO-FACE! I'm still wiggling with joy. Anyway, please be kind, have a look and leave some love - Cathy is an excellent writer, a marvellous hunter of fascinating things and the ultimate bookworm so I can GUARANTEE you will come away from her space feeling educated and nourished.

Listening to :: Daughter, Arctic Monkeys, Desert Island Discs podcasts for Zadie Smith (can you believe she wrote the brilliant "White Teeth" aged 22?!? 22!!) and Rankin.

Taking :: Cosmo to the vet for his booster jab

Trying :: to find somewhere to move to

Liking :: Sally's Wonderful Wednesday because I'm emotionally invested in her ability to craft the dreamiest of blog posts // Hayley-Eszti's unique and thought-provoking take on hearing music //  Sophie's collection of photos of two very lovely blogger faces // Leona's heart-warming tribute

Eating :: Ben & Jerry's ice-cream (two flavours at the same time because it was buy one get one free and there's no time like the present), fish and chips whilst catching up with friends

Missing :: being in Spain with M (you can bet your last Smartie that there will be travel related posts up soon!)

Tell me about your week - we must have so much to catch up on!

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  1. Thank you, I'm blushing! xxxx

  2. Yes!! The more ice cream flavors in your bowl or in your cone at anyone time the better in my book!

  3. What you're eating sounds perfect! I'm very jealous - looking forward to the Spain posts x