Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Morning" on Creative Countryside

So you know when someone, something or a situation gives you freedom to do whatever you want and you initially think "oh my goodness, this is great"? It turns out that that stage doesn't really last that long before you realise that there's so many options you actually don't know what it is you want to do. Kind of like when there are too many ice-cream flavours to choose from in Amorino, or when you don't know which of the two dresses you've tried on and absolutely love to buy so you end up leaving both (anybody else work by that logic too?!). Kind of.

Anyway, Eleanor of Creative Countryside is currently on a holiday (hopefully having a lovely time!) and, in her absence, she has kindly asked whether I would write a post for her blog. Eleanor's blog sees such a lovely variety of posts with incredibly beautiful photos (you know the ones that just make your day shinier? Like that) and thought-provoking musings. She gave me licence to write about ANYTHING I wanted to and, of course, I just couldn't pick, especially when there are so many things I would love to write about on here that I probably will never get a chance to (I didn't realise that house-hunting is such hard work!!). In need of a stimulus, I turned to Eleanor's suggestion of "morning". I jotted down the first thoughts that came to mind.

If you click here, you can have a read of what I came up with. Let me know what you think and go and leave Eleanor some wonderful messages to return to - we all love that post-holiday "yay, I've got letters" feeling!


PS. Seriously, moving is stressful. Send tea!

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