Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Round-up

Good evening and happy Sunday. Sundays used to be the WORST day of the week because I used to spend the whole day doing homework. That seems to have now been replaced by blog and comfort related activities so Sundays are a great day in my book.

This morning, when my Mum poked her head around my door as she usually does each morning the first thing I said was "I'm so glad to see you!" because last night I had the second dream in about a week that I was participating in The Hunger Games. Last time, my dream's plot was fairly true to the book's storyline, but this time it had been tweaked a bit and we were transported into outer space and onto another planet. Having said that, I've only read book one (and not seen the films either) so don't tell me if I've just pre-empted how the story develops beyond the first part!

Anyway! Recently, I have been...

Looking at :: potential new homes! House-hunting is a unique mixture of stressful and so much fun - any tips for moving house? Also, somewhere fun to have cocktails in south or south-west London on Friday night - suggestions much appreciated for this too.

Getting excited about :: furniture!!

Worrying about :: finding the right place; furniture!!

Wanting to visit :: Marina Abramovic's exhibition in London - have you been? Would you recommend it?

Eating :: peaches; at Turtle Bay in Southampton; at The Oriental in Birmingham; pizza at home and with M

Reading :: Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates

Enjoying :: hanging out with my sister in her house and visiting the library in Birmingham (check out those panoramics above!)

Practising :: yoga; motorway driving...

What was the loveliest thing you did this week? And tell me, have you had any weird dreams recently?

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  1. I've been staying at my parents house this week in my old bed and I've had a strange dream every night since I've been back! I rarely remember my dreams so I don't know what it is. I've been enjoying being at home and spending time with the family celebrating their anniversary. Sounds like you've had a lovely week!

  2. Love that top picture! And of course turtle bay :)

  3. Tips for house hunting - see as many as you can before making a decision, and your gut/heart will really speak to you when you find the one that's mean to be and have an estate agent you can get along with - you don't necessarily have to be best friends but being able to speak freely about a place and get there input is a big help.

  4. I seem to spend loads of time worrying about where to move even though I don't need to for another nine months (i'm not pregs, that is the time left on our tenancy). Harrisons in Balham is a good place for cocktails and they apparently have a "speak easy" some nights x

  5. This weekend I slept the best I have in ages - think it's because we had our first rain in London in a long time. Loveliest thing this week? Hanging at our local pub, all snugly while it rained outside and devoured delicious roasts! Good luch with the house hunting.
    Claire xx

  6. Eek!! House hunting, how exciting! It's a very stressful time but the outcome is awfully lovely. I promise! X

  7. House hunting is so much fun but also takes forever haha, hope everything goes well! Hmm...the loveliest thing this week is probably sketching/watercoloring while listening to music and just having time to relax in general :)

    P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster award! The details are here :)