Saturday, June 23, 2012

hospital fun

I finally had my first physiotherapy appointment on Friday. Last month when I was in for my longer stint in hospital I was seen by a couple of physios who gave me exercises to do in bed to help my back pain. This time I was an outpatient and a lot more mobile. I still haven't been able to wear a shoe on my bad foot so I have taken to wearing my favourite patterned sock (which never quite matches my outfit) over my full-length compression stocking (really really attractive..). This has reduced the hopping! I did a fair bit of walking from one side of the hospital to the other which has made me realise that Willy Wonka probably did have a point when he installed the side-ways function in his glass elevator. As I hobbled across the car park, a man who actually looked like a character from the original Willy Wonka film offered some words of advice - "That looks very unstable. Be careful!" - which was nice of him. It was about 35 minutes before my physiotherapist introduced herself once I'd got to the waiting room and filled in all the forms about why I was there, what I usually do, what I would like to achieve and why I have pain etc etc etc. These questions were all discussed during the appointment too and an extra sheet of paper had to be found so that the physio could write down everything that had happened. Once the initial assessment was over, my back movement was observed as I rolled my shoulders in and out, leant from side to side and pushed my hands against surfaces. My movement was good apparently and the problem was more one of deconditioning. Then, she looked at my walking. First with both crutches, then with one and thennnnn I was given a new toy - a STICK. This was a very wobbly experience and I can't say I enjoyed it all that much but for now it is just to try around the house because long-term dependence on crutches is not ideal. Having practised for a day now, it seems like something I could get used to and does make me feel a little freer, if a bit elderly with a super shaky hand. I am to return in a few weeks time to concentrate on my hip but hopefully I will be doing even better by then :) Trekking to the other side of the hospital was slow but I reached the clinic in the end and it was really nice because all the nurses seemed so happy to see that I was out of the wheelchair. In the evening, I had a lovely Indian takeaway with Mike's family which was yummmmmmmy and what I had been craving all week. I am hoping to make it to a restaurant sometime in the near future!

I have just found out that the gathering Camelia is attending this evening was actually a surprise birthday party for her! This makes me so happy :) Roxana's 'robber' fancy dress costume today, complete with balaclava, has also made my day <3

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  1. Well done to you. I remember years ago I had a really bad accident and had to learn to walk again, and how hard it was. It is hard to be confident when you have crutches or a stick - but a stick is progress so very well done to you.

    Glad you enjoyed the Indian meal, & that Camellia had a fun "gathering".