Thursday, June 21, 2012


This morning I spent some time sorting through bits and bobs that I have brought back from uni, including far too much jewellery and many drawings of zoo animals! I am constantly berated by many a family member/friend for hoarding all sorts of useless things like train tickets and buttons  (I collect them, ok!!) but I have realised that I will have to part from a lot of of them. Getting rid of jewellery is strangely tough and anything that has been bought for me by anyone, ever, will be staying firmly in one of my many 'keep' boxes. I tried to get rid of a few of these but the guilt was terrible so I still need to work on my 'charity shop' pile. I loved finding little pieces that I had forgotten about and kind of look forward to rediscovering them in years to come :)

In other news, I have just read a very interesting article by Simon Childs on the aftermath of last year's Dale Farm controversy. Click HERE to have a look. Great piece of journalism in my opinion.

I am getting used to reading again so have started with 'Dream Psychology' by Freud, as suggested in response to wanting to decode my dreams. I have also started doing training contract applications which keep me busy busy busy.

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I am looking forward to my weekend plans and also finallyyyyyyyy having some physiotherapy tomorrow morning. My sisters will also have finished their A Levels this weekend so I can't wait to treat them next week if my condition is as steady as it has been :) excitedddd
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  1. Oh, so much news in one post! Well, you would have laughed if you had seen the number of bags we took to the charity shop/put in the recycling....;-) We still have quite a bit of jewellery to re-home, though.

    So glad you are starting physiotherapy, I am sure that will be a big acceleration to your recovery.

    And so glad your sisters' A levels are nearly over, what a couple of milestones. I bet there will be some celebrations.