Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To-do list for when I can walk

I visited my GP yesterday to try and find a solution for all the nausea, headaches and general pain I've recently had and all my medication has been changed so hopefully I can be up and about soon. A month ago I started making a to-do list for when I am able to walk again. I thought I'd share it so I know they definitely have to happen to avoid embarrassment!

Wish list/plan for when I can walk

- visit the out of focus exhibition at the saatchi gallery (sloane sq/Victoria/til 22.7)

- get a haircut

- do line judge training

- go on holiday with Michael, my friends and my family

- treat mummy to a belated bday present/day out

- revise for finals and aim for a first

- go swimming

- earn some money

- see my uni friends

- visit penningtons

- do race for life, even with crutches

- river cruise

- tsol vacation scheme

I know that one of those in particular can't happen as I won't be well enough in time but before all this started I had planned on running Race for life. Hopefully I will be able to this time next year :)

The thames river cruise was a birthday present last year and it needs to be used by August! Once I get through my vac scheme, I am hoping I'll be able to do anything at all :)

Last night it was Southampton's graduation ball and Cathy said it was amazing so I'm really pleased she had a good time :) I didn't have Pixie Lott (although I did help Camelia revise for geography and it has recently been brought to my attention that she looks like an Iranian Pixie Lott) but instead I got out of bed for a couple of minutes and made Michael pose for an alternative grad ball photo haha. I even put on one high heel to mark the occasion, especially as mike was dressed so smartly having been a busy businessman in the day :)

At the moment I am lying outside which is a wonderful change of scenery and spending the afternoon with my lovely mummy <3 that's made my day already :)

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  1. Your alternative grad ball looks much more my scene than the actual grad ball (from the sounds of it), Beeta!

    I am sure you will be doing many of the things on your list soon, especially the going on holiday one.