Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paris // Amorino ice cream

After delicious falafel and feeling so full we had to ask ourselves whether dessert was still on the cards (ridiculous, I know), a trip to the best ice cream place I have found outside of Italy was in order. Step in, Amorino. M and I discovered this gem late one evening in Soho after I had been to some comedy by myself (laughing alone is not as fun as laughing with another when everyone else is laughing with another) and M had had a doubly long train journey (many thanks rail companies) to join me for Pizza Pilgrims (quite nice, better than Fire and Stone), and we decided to Google "dessert in London" and go to the nearest place it threw at us. By a wonderful stroke of luck, that place was Amorino - home of the beautiful, beautiful gelato. So of course A and I had to go in Paris too. 

There are more flavours than you could possibly contemplate at once but you are able to ask for as many as you like and the staff will arrange as much as they can in the cone/cup you choose. In the shape of a rose as well!

Ignore where my cat scratched me!
I chose one of the many chocolate varieties, tiramisu and mango sorbet. I hadn't expected the mango to complement the chocolate and coffee that well, but it was an excellent match and I'm thrilled with my discovery! 

There are a few in London now, THANK GOODNESS, and others scattered across the globe, including 56 in France so off you go! (Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go!)

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  1. I get tiramisu gelato every chance I get! Good choices.

  2. Well hello there sexy little sugar cone!
    M x

  3. I have to say, I'm not the biggest of icecream fans, however, when we were in Italy I ate more than you could shake a stick at (nope, don't think that works here!) My favourite was, hands down, hazelnut (though it's like a whole darn meal in a cone!). This certainly sounds like an intriguing combo, I don't think I've ever tried 3 flavours together!!

  4. Oh my goodness, mango sorbet sound absolutely perfect!!x

  5. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I'd love to try Gelato one day. It's on my bucket list and I'll count the kind at the store too!! Lol :)