Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Roundup

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This week I have been....
Planning: the In Thing for Cancer Research
Listening to: London Grammar, Daughter and Laura Marling
Watching: Made in Chelsea
Smiling at: finding my blog on Bloglovin's list of up and coming personal blogs
Worrying: an awful lot
Drinking: orange flavoured hot chocolates to warm up my insides
Buying: (and building) a desk from Ikea

I was meant to be in Berlin this week seeing the Arctic Monkeys but the silver lining to not being able to go after all is that I had more time to do uni work and time for a date with M.

What was your silver lining this week?
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  1. Totally with you on the MIC, and such a shame you couldn't go to Berlin! I like the fact you've tried to put a positive though.

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Sounds like a busy little weekend you had going on there Lady. With you on all the good things, but hope you are not still worrying too much! I currently have London Grammar on…this is becoming part of my daily routine, its a bit sad. Don't think there is a song i don't like. Tonight we shall be watching MIC and curling up with M&S strawberry trifle which is very un-seasonal but i fancied it and a little bit of what you fancy apparently does you good. Or so my gran says and she is 89 (knows what she is talking about). I digress. Oh and i shall be in touch about our email conv xxxx