Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guest Post by Sallytangle: The Perfect Day

The perfect day is just as important as being able to bake the sweetest sponge or the crumbliest biscuit.  A day so full of good and glory has the ability to fix everything you need it to without you ever having to tell it. And it needn’t be complicated.  Often the simplest days are the most perfect.

You will need:

Sunshine.  And bags of the stuff.  You can’t be sad, or feel unwell or miss anyone quite as much when Mr Sunshine rears his pretty little head.  Fact.

A wide open outside space.  As lovely as looking through a big window all curled up and cosy inside is ideal, nothing beats fresh air in your lungs.  Any space will do but the bigger the better. 

Some form of exercise.  You can be alone, be a little twosome or a big and whopping group of people but getting out and moving your lovely limbs does no end of good whatever you are doing.  Circus tricks and acrobatics are not essential.  Just do what makes you feel good.  Your two feet are as good as anything else. 

The Method:

Get up and fill your tummy with your favourite breakfast.  At the moment I am partial to a slice or three of cranberry and raisin bread, toasted with butter and a little cup of lady grey tea with lots of milk. 

Wrap up warm in as many layers as you can squeeze into.  I am currently loving all things tweed and tartan and spending my day in a little kilt, navy oversized knit, clumpy boots and tights is pretty much perfect.  Mittens and furry Cossack hat also usually feature heavily. 

Once you have found the widest most beautiful open space you can muster, do what the bobbins you like.  This week I have been interrupting my usual laps of our local park with frequent stops to marvel at beautiful autumn colours, dreamy amber afternoon skies and the satisfying crunch of leaves underneath my feet. 

These sorts of days don’t take too long to put together and they should keep for at least a couple of weeks in your lovely little head.  And they are perfect relief when life feels like it gets a bit too much and you are careering towards Christmas at break-neck speed. 

Note:  A huge and warm thank you goes out to the beautiful Beeta for allowing me to write for her wonderful blog.  This blog is one of my very favourites to curl up on these darker evenings and get a little bit lost in.  This girl's words are beyond beautiful and it’s a very special honour to feature here for a moment!

I was absolutely chuffed when the lovely Sally from Sallytangle agreed to write a little something for my blog whilst I'm away. Look at how stunning those pictures are - can't believe they're on my blog!! I told you I'd leave you in exceedingly good hands! Sally's blog is my favourite at the moment. Words can't really do her photography, beautiful descriptions or clever ideas justice so make sure you pop over to her blog and sample some of her genius for yourselves. Thank you very much, Sally. 
- Beeta

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