Friday, November 01, 2013

Taking Stock #2

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As I mentioned last month, at the beginning of every month I intend to fill out the list below with the aim of reflecting on where I am in my head, as well as looking at how my priorities and concerns have changed. Feel free to take part if you so wish. I originally found this here.


Making : too many health related appointments
Cooking : for a friend once, for my family not often enough
Drinking : so many hot drinks. Mostly Camomile tea recently.
Reading: the same book all month and not quickly enough
Wanting: to get ahead with my work in preparation for the time I'll have to take out soon
Looking: at beautiful photos at a National Geographic exhibition at Beetles & Huxley
Playing: Mario Kart on the Nintendo Game Cube to relieve stress a la weekday afternoons during sixth form.
Wasting: too much time on my iPad instead of finishing books
Fixing: how I view the faults of others
Deciding: to have my first ever operation
Wishing: I could help more
Enjoying: London Grammar's album, even after the first listen, when usually it takes me a while to warm to new music
Waiting: for the chance of getting my body fixed
Liking: that I posted on my blog more in the past month than I have ever before
Wondering: how on earth I'm going to muster up the motivation to read some cases from the 19th century
Loving: how peacefully the kitten sleeps on my tummy late at night after he spends all day being the naughtiest
Pondering: whether I'll be able to go travelling next summer
Considering: different places to live when my job starts
Watching: not very much
Hoping: there will be a streak of good luck now
Marvelling: at the idea of being able to run again
Needing: cuddles and plenty of them
Smelling: stinky cat food
Wearing: trainers an awful lot more, wishing they matched all clothes!
Following: medical advice
Noticing: who matters
Knowing: so much more than I did before I started my course
Thinking: positively when I can
Feeling: calmer in my head but agitated in my body
Admiring: the thought and effort behind the surprise party M's friends did for him
Buying: train tickets, a couple of lunches out and presents
Getting: up in the mornings with difficulty most days
Bookmarking: ideas for presents
Opening: a door to potentially something great
Giggling: when I realise I've said/done something cheeky but try and cover it up but M sees right through it


Have a wonderful weekend.


PS. I am hosting the #lbloggers chat this Sunday at 7pm-8pm (UK time) and I would love it if you all joined in. I'll release the questions during the actual chat but they will be on the theme of the personality traits which make you a blogger. Speak to you then!

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  1. I am loving your Taking Stock meme. It's a lovely little insight into your week. I'll try to remember about the #lbloggers chat; the last few weeks I've turned up an hour late or forgotten entirely about it. Will set a reminder on my phone!