Friday, February 21, 2014

52 Lists // Eight

Most of these appear to be related to getting away from my town...I've made it sound like a less pleasant place than it actually is. The red buses are something I always needed re-adjusting to when I used to come back from university which was in another city with BLUE buses. So red buses remind me of home, as do black cabs. Libraries are pretty good, wherever they are, so it makes me happy that there are quite a few within walking distance from my house. The main library in my town, however, is huge. I've been going there since I was pretty tiny, first with my parents, then with friends to revise, then by myself to ACTUALLY revise, then with colleagues to work and now with a littl'un I babysit for and sometimes alone to make sure I devote some time to uninterrupted reading. 

Tell me a little bit about where you live?


This is list #8 in the 52 Lists project, run by Ema over at Made in Hunters

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  1. I live in a tiny town that isn't very exciting, but the people are usually nice and they always say hi or wave to you if you're walking along the street. There are bunches of trees and they look gorgeous when they change in the fall. :)

  2. I would like to visit that library with you one day please, and a hot chocolate. x

  3. My town is not too bad, it's small enough to feel as if everyone knows each other (they usually do as most of the town seems to be related...), close enough so you can be in the countryside in 5 minutes but also be in Bath or Bristol in about 30! I've only lived here about 7 years but the other half's family have lived here since the mid 1800s - there's even a lane named after my husband's grandad. :-) x