Monday, February 24, 2014

Guest Post by Ellie: Moving Out of the Family Home

8 things I realised upon moving out of my family home

I’ve lived in the suburbs of South West London for all my life (very close to lovely Beeta, actually). But in the last few days of December, I broke free.
I am now all settled in my new place. It’s been a bit of a learning curve, and so thought I’d share some things I have realised since I flew the nest.

1. You think you’re an adult when you leave university. You’re not an adult until you are in a flat with a leaking washing machine and freezer that won’t defrost, and you are on your hands and knees with wet towels, having to book in engineers.
2. My mum really did do a hell of a lot for me. The washing basket never stays empty for long, food takes on average 45 mins to prepare per day, emergency lift-giving is not at all close at hand…
3. Food costs money. Eating out costs even more money. You can’t win.
4. I owned a lot of crap that I should have got rid of 5 years ago.
5. I still own a lot of crap. You should see my ring collection! And the pyjama drawer… jeez.
6. A double bed should have been bought years ago. I should have insisted. I never want to have to share it.
7. I am actually quite good at making the right decisions about things. My gut instinct is a good one, and I should keep trusting it.
8. Even the most grown up of people need a phone call with their mummy to make them feel better sometimes.

Ellie | x


A huge thank you to Ellie from mantrapixie for this. I told you I had some good'uns lined up for you all, lucky readers! Nice to know what lies ahead for me when I too fly the nest later this year. Gulp! Any further words of wisdom would be greatly welcomed. Leave us your thoughts below and make sure you have a stroll through Ellie's beautiful blog too. I particularly like her recent post on things which remind her of home, also part of the 52 Lists project :)
- B.

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  1. Lovely little post :) I'd like to read more things like this as I am hoping to move out this year. I'm a bit anxious about it because towards the end of uni I was in a really bad place so going home to my parents was just what I needed, but obviously it can't be forever.
    N xo

  2. I'm forever on the phone to my mum when something is wrong in the flat or at work, I don't think I'll ever grow out of it. From the look of the room tour you did Ellie that bed looks incredible, it was quite the buy! x

  3. It is a very good bed! Glad you liked the post Bee :) is a pleasure to be on your blog xxx