Sunday, February 16, 2014

Living inside your own head

From here

Sometimes I fail to grasp that my eyes look outwards and not in.

My head gets so riled up with emotions, thoughts, predicaments, analysis, that I can feel them all scurrying around, causing havoc, doing whatever the hell they want. My eyes are sucked in, swirled around like revolving doors and on every rotation scoop two armfuls of mind-sludge.

I see squiggles of worry, dots of hope, lines of exhaustion. I see the twisted butterflies, the vat of blank, the pit of discomfort and waves of unease.

It can be soothed by photographs, tamed by music. It can be comforted by tea and softened by breathing. I can rein it in and feed it peace. But if only I looked out rather than in.

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  1. Love your thought posts! I have no words except this is beautifully written and I could never put words together like this! Mwah x

  2. This is so spot on and beautifully written.
    I shall take 'mind sludge' away with me, I too suffer occasionally but a little bit of awareness always helps.
    M x

  3. So beautifully written, you just explained what goes on daily inside my head, . Thanks for sending me your link during on of the chats on twitter tonight :)


  4. A beautiful piece of writing my dear. And this certainly resonates with how I often feel or go about daily life.

    Jen |

  5. Oh Bee, i could curl up in your words, you are a master of them!!! Sometimes the inside can be so so much more complicated than the outside. Its a fabulous piece of machinery that brain of ours though, you cannot deny that.

  6. Such a beautiful post - I was thinking of how inward I was being recently and I've decided to put a stop to it (easier said than done), it isn't productive and I'm ready to cut back x