Monday, February 03, 2014

Taking Stock #5

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Exam season is here so whilst I drink a million cups of tea, have the Harry Potter soundtrack on for productivity as I eat legal knowledge, and tab my folders to the point of obtuseness (trust me, it starts out as an enjoyable process but the novelty will wear off I'm sure), I have a variety of posts lined up for you. I've scheduled a bunch of exciting pieces for you, including some more recipes (any of you had a Kitchen Party yet?) and a few very special guest posts... I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think of them when normal life resumes. In the meantime, here is my Taking Stock post for February, and if you have any tips for the revision/exam period, please do send them my way. This should be my last year of studying so I've only been through this process, oooh I don't know, about twenty times or something....but yet they're still stressful every time!

Back to Taking Stock (originally found here), I'm so pleased to see that so many of you are also taking part. How have you all found it? Some months I find it hard but maybe that's just a reflection on the type of month it has been. It's tricky to engage with and accept how you really feel sometimes.


Making: peace
Cooking: with my Mum and M (separately) more often.
Drinking: mojitos to say bye, flasks of tea to get me through long days, green tea with mint in the evenings
Reading: White Teeth - Zadie Smith (I decided that The Hobbit wasn't for me this time...I'm sorry)
Wanting: to do well in exams
Looking: exhausted most of the time!
Playing: with Cosmo
Wasting: studying time resting, resting time studying...but neither of those are really wasting time are they?
Fixing: the break I had in exercise
Deciding: very little
Wishing: for time
Enjoying: productive hours
Waiting: for mock exam results
Liking: that I finally feel like I understand what is going on in Pilates classes
Wondering: what will come out of all of this
Loving: talking to friends about writers and concepts
Pondering: the best approach
Considering: what is important to me
Watching: Tough Young Teachers on BBC
Hoping: days in the next few weeks slow down a little
Marvelling: medicine
Needing: some attention
Smelling: Coco Mademoiselle, as ever
Wearing: five layers on occasion (six including a coat, seven including a scarf)
Following: plans to get the blog organised
Noticing: that I actually really like school!
Knowing: more than yesterday, less than tomorrow
Thinking: too much, as ever
Feeling: unsettled
Admiring: a red sky one evening last week
Buying: time
Getting: agitated
Bookmarking: more recipes, one a week from Pinterest to make with Mummy
Opening: up. "Always speak your mind, even if your voice shakes" (Maggie Kuhn)
Giggling: every school day!

You can find the rest of my Taking Stock series here.

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  1. I really must think of something to guest post about! I hope you're not getting too stressed with exams and revision. x

  2. I love listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack to! To be fair, I do love anything Harry Potter related.
    Very sweet piece =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. How have I not heard the HP soundtrack?! Glorious little round up as always, sounds like a mixed bag this month.p, just keep swimming. Wishing you peace this February.
    M x Life Outside London

  4. eeek. good luck with the exams. whooot! that photo really provoking me to go out on adventure.

  5. What a lovely series. I used to listen to Hedwig's Theme when studying for exams so I hear ya on that one! I'm looking forward to your posts you have planned and I hope the exams go well x

  6. I'm so sick of layers - it got cold enough for three layers of gloves the other week.

    You can never bookmark enough recipes I find, or in my case own too many cookbooks, or so I tell myself ...

  7. These posts always make me want to give you a hug and make you a cup of tea :) I LOVE these. So so much. Chin up my dear little cheesecake for soon all the stress will be over and it will all be worth it xxxxx

  8. After reading and loving all of your taking stock posts I finally took stock on my blog too! The post is here if you're interested -