Friday, February 14, 2014

52 Lists // Seven

This was my to do list this week. I know, I know, so exciting you can't contain your happiness for me. I know! Just a little glimpse into how completely unglamorous a week I am having. I am, however, hoping to deliver another Kitchen Party post for you in the near future...depending on how well the dinner party mentioned above goes!

What was the most exciting thing you did this week?


This is list #7 in the 52 Lists project, run by Ema over at Made in Hunters

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  1. I like that you've included "feel less poorly" on your list, as though you're going to kick ilness's butt! You go, Jojo!x

  2. I think these lists are so cute and really inspiring haha :) It is really neat because they seem like little things but sometimes those are the most important! Hope you feel better :)

  3. Good luck with your exams! I think this weeks highlight was getting on top of paperwork (yawn) although I did have sushi and some "gourmet" pizza.

  4. Come on, dinner party on a to-do list does sound pretty glamorous! Or at least I think it does. :D Pfft, I didn't do anything exciting this week. I want to know who M is that you were relaxing with last night. ;) But maybe I should already know (if so, I'm a bad blog-follower!)

    Jen |

  5. Huge success with your exams!

    I do love these little lists - you've got great handwriting.

    My most exciting thing I did... went to burlesque lessons which was just ace!