Monday, March 31, 2014

Tales of a Naughty Kitten #2 :: family breakfast with JING tea

Bonjour, good day and hello to you all. You may recognise me from many a post, but if introductions are necessary, I am Cosmo - AKA the naughtiest kit in the world. Absolute pleasure to meet you. My mother (well, one of them...I have three) is a big fan of tea as I'm sure you already know. But you see this bag here? That's mine

Yes, that's right ladies and gents, although Bee was sent some Earl Grey and Peppermint tea bags from the kind people at JING, I feel like there was a little error in that Peppermint is MY flavour. Sure, Bee might act as though she is mint tea's number one fan, but take a look at my face - how could I lick my lips with such glee if I was not mesmerised more than anyone else by the smell alone?

I recognise that my Grandmother was being treated on this particular morning, and that I wasn't meant to take a bite out of the brioche before any of my family got to it, nor was I really supposed to knock the tea bags out of Mum's hand before any could reach the tea pot, but what can I say? I truly am a naughty kitten.

I should probably add that nobody was protecting the said mint tea bags and that their silky cases were really too much for a kitten of such good taste to ignore. My family all seemed to be too busy preparing other bits and pieces with hot machines. 

I overheard my Mums discussing a new obsession of theirs - Lotus biscuit spread, Nutella and waffles. I'll stick to my mint tea and brioche thanks, but they seem to be pretty keen and it's probably best that you try it for yourselves. 

Oh and before you think I'm toooooooo naughty, let me reassure you that I saved my family the Earl Grey. Grandfather used the hot machine which makes terrifying noises that make me cower under tables to make an excellent pot and my family drank it, each from an Iranian estekan. (Yup, I'm bilingual)

Anyhow, I'm off to have my seventeenth nap of the afternoon. Until next time!

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  1. AWWWW i loved this!! Such a little cutiepie, i should imagine it is hard to be angry at the little scamp when he is so sweet!! I keep picking that 'Lotus' biscuit spread up and putting it down each time i go shopping. Im thinking i should take the plunge as those waffles look MMMM!!!

    Ps radom, BUT i LOVE your new profile pic!!! You look ever so ethereal and beautiful xxxxx

  2. haha i love this post too much!! if I wasn't highly allergic I'd like to give naughty kitten a hug - hope he doesn't destroy any more of your tea!

  3. Tut tut Cosmo! It's lucky that you're so beautiful, I'm sure your mumma forgave you quick enough. xx

  4. Cute but very naughty little cat you are! Those waffles look so good ;) think will be my breaki for Sunday x

  5. Cosmo, where have you been all my life??
    Tell your mum she looks blooming gorgeous in her new profile picture and that I owe her for changing my life with the Lotus/Nutella/Waffle combo.
    M x Life Outside London