Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Round-up

This week, I have been...

Listening to :: Chet Faker - goodness me, this was the perfect antidote to a weird old day I was having earlier this week. The kind of thing you want on loud, with nobody else around so you can just fall into the beats and soul-nourishing waves, and feel.

Meeting :: a role model of mine - Laura Bates. I've written before about my admiration for her and how important her work is - you can find it here.

Eating :: sushi, katsu curry, pancakes, burgers, sweet potato

Watching :: tennis and football on television

Celebrating :: 250 Bloglovin' followers - thank you ever so much

Playing :: around with the awesome camera on the Nokia Lumia 1520 I've been sent to try. Photos above were taken on this.

Recording :: a few videos which may never make it to the online world but which will hopefully be of interest to myself years down the line.

Buying :: the last bits and bobs for my trip :)

Sharing :: this video with lots of people - I know it isn't new but it seems to have made its way into most conversations I've had this week. How does she manage to keep her cool?!

Tell me your favourite thing that happened this week.

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  1. How cool that you went to an Everyday Sexism event! Very jealous! Congrats on the Bloglovin' followers as well x

  2. Amazing that you met Laura! And those photos are superb quality for a mobile phone, too! You deserve every single reader and more, Beeta, because you are awesome, Have a wonderful week!

    Jess x

    1. You're so kind - thank you, Jess. Chuffed to have lovely readers such as you! xxx

  3. You met Laura Bet! Give us more details about your experience! : )

    1. I really have been trying to put it down into words but I can't do the experience justice!! Will let you know if I manage it :) thanks for reading xxx

  4. Ah Laura Bates is fantastic isn't she, I've met her a couple times now at various events. She's just so brilliant at arguments and discussion and she always keeps her cool. Hope you enjoyed the event! X

  5. Nice snaps and marvelllous round up. Would love to hear more about meeting Laura if you find the words.
    My favourite bit of the week hasnt happened yet but it's coming soon :o)
    M x

  6. i didn't know who Laura Bates was.. you must write about meeting her. x

  7. Beautiful photos!! xo