Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking Stock #10

Sun setting over Richmond

T A K I N G // S T O C K

Making :: words that weren't good enough to win Bananagrams...ahhh!

Cooking :: little, eating out more
Drinking :: champagne, Pimms, squash & lemonade/Fanta combinations
Reading :: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins and "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell
Wanting :: the holiday to arrive quickly but then go by reallllyyyyyyyy slooooowwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy
Looking :: for somewhere to live
Playing :: Bananagrams, Balderdash, Articulate
Deciding :: to worry less...
Wishing :: for the same thing as always
Enjoying :: time
Waiting :: for medical things to sort themselves out
Liking :: SUMMER
Wondering :: if the next couple of months are going to go as quickly as I am dreading 
Loving :: importing breathing techniques from Pilates/yoga into everyday life
Pondering :: how
Considering :: what to keep up and when
Watching :: Wimbledon, the World Cup (despite disliking football usually)
Hoping :: for a bit of a miracle really

Marvelling :: how much of an impact one person can really make in changing attitudes and where society goes from here i.e. Laura Bates
Needing :: a stronger back
Smelling :: Aussie shampoo
Wearing :: summer dresses!
Following :: adventures on some lovely favourite blogs, such as Sallytangle, Beside the Danube and Life Outside London 
Noticing :: little changes
Knowing :: that there's not long to go
Thinking :: about a million things all at once
Feeling :: collected in the eye of many storms
Admiring :: Laura Bates
Sorting :: holiday prep
Buying :: accommodation for the trip, summer clothes, many meals out
Getting :: closer
Bookmarking :: this video about "make-up", this article about a girl's amazing work experience discovery, Megs' beautiful photo-shoot and this article highlighting where women's speech stands in social situations
Disliking :: weakness
Opening :: windows and doors on account of the sunshine
Giggling :: pretty much all night at the Law summer ball
Snacking :: on fruit
Coveting :: Airbnb places...
Helping :: out with food shops
Hearing :: Chet Faker, James Vincent McMorrow, London Grammar, Chvrches


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  1. I love these little list posts you do. I imagine they will be nice to look back on too. Have a wonderful trip! x