Friday, August 30, 2013


For many years I was not a card person at all. I didn't see the point of giving something which probably wasn't going to be read and was probably going to be thrown away about two days later so I just didn't bother, yet I collected cards given to me and kept them for years. Then I figured out that what it is all probably about is giving someone a card which can't be thrown away too easily. One with a special or thoughtful message, or personalised. Better still, one which was handmade. So that's what I started doing - putting effort into cards, the words written and images chosen. I make most of the cards I give these days, either with a little animal illustration or some sort of magazine cut-out creation. When I am lacking inspiration I jump at the opportunity to hunt around on Pinterest (any excuse) but my favourite place for browsing is in Paperchase. The other day, I had some time to kill on Tottenham Court Road and spent a good half hour in the huge Paperchase shop there (it has lots of floors!!). I like looking in there for art supplies usually but this time was looking for inspiration for an anniversary card. In all our years together, I have never bought an anniversary card for Michael before because they are all so soppy and I don't like the idea of somebody else buying their boyfriend the same card as I have given mine - I realise that that sounds ridiculous and precious, but I like to use my own words and make it as personalised as possible. I'm probably not the most romantic person in the world and this, coupled with my hatred for commercialised events/holidays, mean that handmade is the only option. Paperchase, in all fairness, is the lesser of all card shop evils and I like the quirkiness and simplicity of a lot of their cards. Needless to say, I gave up on the anniversary card search and was instead distracted by the three cards pictured above. I LOVED the series I found these cards in! For some reason they all really tickled me but these were my favourites. 
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  1. haha,
    i love the cards above.

    i'm so not a card person for all the reason you said above. but you're right, aren't you get excited when you get one?

    1. Haha yes, most definitely! I have a box of old cards that I can't bear to throw away and I hope I get to continue adding to it forever :)

  2. Absolutely loved the cards, that first one especially!
    I made my boy's Valentine's day card last yr, it was a picture of the HUGE crowd around the crowd stand in Paperchase at Waterloo. He appreciated the sentiment at least!
    Hope you've had a super weekend
    Celia @

  3. Love these cards! I am a fellow paperchase junkie and can also spend half an hour there haha (even if it's only one floor!)

    Cute story about the fab ice lolly too..aww:)

    Thanks for your link from #lbloggers!

    Jessica xx at Never Have I Ever {jessica}

    1. I also love the postcards in Paperchase, do you?
      And thank you :) x

  4. Love the unicorn cards! I must admit that I'm not big on cards either. They're so expensive, and I'm not gifted in the art of card-making. Maybe I should spend more time in Paperchase?

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree

    1. You're so right - they are pretty pricey these days and Paperchase is no exception unfortunately. I'm sure you would be able to make lovely cards, Angela!