Monday, September 09, 2013

My e-mail to the Mail on Sunday

...which was obviously ignored.


I am just writing to highlight a degree of irony spotted in a Mail on Sunday article from May 5th 2013. You can find the article in question below. As a young DVT sufferer I was pleased to see that a national newspaper had reported on it so thank you for that. However, the "Yes Please" bubble in the bottom left of the page talks about a drink which contains kale, spinach and broccoli. Lovely and healthy, sure - but actually three ingredients that people with blood clots are told to avoid in excess as green vegetables increase risk of clotting.

Many thanks,


Better research and placement next time please.
Disclaimer: I am NOT a Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday of my Dad's students saw this and gave it to him because she knew about my DVT. 

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  1. This is brilliant. You can't expect much more from the Daily Mail but it is still terrible and they should have acknowledged your email

    1. I know - I've tweeted somebody who works with them so hopefully somebody will see it now!

  2. I can't say that I've noticed warfarin side effects causing me misery...the Daily Fail does love it's sensational headlines.

    I did a bit of research on the new blood thinner drug a few months ago after my Mum sent me a clipping. It's definitely not for me. I didn't like that you can't come off it for surgeries and so forth.

    I'm utterly unsurprised that they got their "healthy" drink so completely wrong, though.

    1. The side effects fail to make me "miserable" too. They may be annoying, but they are certainly manageable.
      I also worried about the irreversible effect of the new drug. I suppose the benefit is that it reduces the number of hospital visits as I don't think you have to have INR checks or anything. I wish newspapers did not make such sweeping statements and actually did their research properly before thinking they HAVE to report on something.