Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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I love these kinds of friendship. The ones where you feel very much on the same wavelength, and the chances are, even if you are not speaking out loud, you are having the same thoughts, mulling over the same topics, in your head. I recently read "The Silver Linings Playbook" in which the protagonist and his new friend barely speak to one another; they just run for miles each day. Yet they have so much in common and understand each other in a way others don't. Does that mean then that there are some people you are just meant to know or be friends with? Does fate play any part in the relationships that we have with people and how close our friendships are? Maybe the book is an exaggerated version of the real life encounters synonymous with this. It is probably more likely that this type of friendship is one which has been built up over years of experience independently and together, and a mutual understanding formed as a result. Not every characteristic of mine is shared by my closest friends, but the important ones seem to be whether they are innate traits or a consequence of mutual life experiences. What is it that connects you to the ones you can share these silences with? I would love to hear your thoughts below xx 
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  1. I love this. Some people you just click with, and can feel comfortable with instantly. Others it takes more time - some relationships never even get there. It's funny, and I often wonder if I'm the problem, but I think it's just connecting with certain people and not so much with others, and that happens to everyone.

  2. I love this! Personally, the people I get on well with and end up having long friendships with are people that think the same way I do; meaning our brains are on the same wavelength basically. Also, I find I can really connect with people who have lots of goals and aspirations like I do; because regardless of personality then, we are all working toward something. That reveals we live life in a similar fashion therefore we get along well :) That's for me anyways. And then some people I really want to like and be friends with, but it just doesn't work out. Such a funny thing really!

    Anyhow, lovely post! xo

  3. i definitely believe fate brings people together, there are a only a handful of close friends in my life and we all have a different connection. i think it's really inspiring when you meet people that you just 'get', the way i see it is that the universe has drawn you together for some reason. really loved reading this post, i've been waiting to find someone with a post like this rather than all fashion or beauty reviews. xxx