Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A superfluous ultimatum

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Which is the better situation to be in:
 - to be really motivated to do something but not have the physical capability to do so; or
 - to have all physical capabilities of doing something but not have the motivation to do so?

(And why do we create these comparisons and ultimatums anyway?)
It's always at times when we lack something, we crave it. If it's right in front of us, if we have the opportunity to do it at our disposal and discretion, it is often ignored, overlooked or rejected.

For example, if I was fully capable of walking to the gym right now and working out for an hour and then walking back again, I would probably come up with some sort of excuse not to go. Too cold, too wet, too tired. But now that I find myself in a situation where walking for half an hour each way, let alone exercise in between is an impracticality/impossibility/not a sensible course of action, I wish I could have it even more and the mundane irrelevances of the former scenario, like weather, do not even enter the equation.

Teaches you to be more grateful and proactive I suppose.

What do you reckon?

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  1. it's encouraging.

    p.s : i really really love the picture

  2. The picture is so calming <3 I often find myself with all the time in the world with zero motivation :( Would love to hear ur thoughts on how to cope with THAT!

  3. either way, it's a beautiful picture! x