Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Round-up

Perfect day for a wedding in London yesterday
Today doesn't feel like a Sunday at all because no days around this time feel like a specific day. In fact I almost forgot that Sundays are my Sunday Round-up post day. What makes a day feel like a day? Sundays are usually sleepy, as today was. Sundays are usually surrounded by family, as today was. Sundays are usually peaceful and unnerving all at once, with the impending doom of Monday madness lurking. As today was. So why didn't today feel like a Sunday? Strange one.

This week I have been:

Reading: these interesting pieces on grief, Dove and abortion.

Shedding tears at: this video of Beyonce making a dream come true for a lovely little girl and this video of an inspiring love story (thank you lovely Christina for showing me the latter)

Watching: Raised by Wolves, written by Caitlin Moran and her sister Caroline. It's a sitcom based on their upbringing and the pilot was well worth a watch. I also finished watching the final series of Him & Her. Good stuff.

Cooking: a Christmas dinner for eight. Best one I've done yet, didn't burn too many things, only messed up the timings sliiiightly. Thumbs up.

Showing: American visitors around London. It was fun to go around the sights taking pictures of somebody who actually wanted photographs for once!! (Blogger problem??!)

Wearing: my new penguin onesie, complete with penguin feet. On Christmas day whilst I cooked, and for about three days straight afterwards too. Kitten was pretty terrified of me for a while, not least because I was the same colour as him, but he's warmed to it now. Cosiest outfit ever. Unfortunately doubt there'll ever be the occasion to wear it outside these four walls, but I'm gonna be working on that...

Looking forward to: wearing my NMP3 t-shirt, finally!!

I'm off to have a curry with some school friends this evening and will have some more family time over the next couple of days. How do you plan to spend your last few days of 2013?

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  1. A penguin onesie is perhaps the only thing that could warm me up to one of those! I am still chuffed to bits with the penguin hat and gloves that I got at Christmas!!

    We've been spending the days between Christmas and New Year playing board games, going for walks, watching films and eating, eating, eating. January food is going to be a shock to the system!!

  2. it's always really fun showing visitors around a city that you're used to, because you kind of get to see the beauty in something you see on a regular basis and you can fall in love with it all over again. thank god i read this because i need to see the end of him and her and you've reminded me! (quite sad to see it go!). jealous of the curry (always jealous of a curry!), have fun with your family in the lead up to 2014! x